Lost phone, cancelled (I thought) then found it


I foolishly left my phone behind at a restaurant. After a few hours, it was returned, but in the interim, I thought it would be best for me to cancel service. I came online to do that on my desktop, indicated that I wanted to keep my number.
The message said that would be okay, I would just need to activate the new phone. (or something like that.)

I went and bought a new MotoG5+, the same one RW sells, only cheaper. I got it from Costco, so I can return it.

My old phone still seems to work just fine. It wasn’t used when I didn’t have it. My concern is that tomorrow, RW may turn the phone off. Yet, I can’t seem to find out how to cancel this request, if it even went through. I don’t think it did, because I can still use the phone.


You will have to open a service ticket and explain this to RW’s support people. Click on Help at the top of this page.


Hi @johna.j9iny4,

If you said you wished to keep the number, you didn’t cancel service. It’s not possible to cancel Republic service outright and keep your number. Keeping your number requires first moving it to another service provider (known as porting). Republic asks the question about keeping your number to keep folks from inadvertantly releasing their number(s). No service ticket is required.


There’s no reason for a support ticket for this, as Roland’s answer is correct.


Hi @johna.j9iny4,

I wasn’t at a computer when I saw your post last night, so I apologize for the delay getting a more thorough response to you.

If you sign into the Account Portal and indicate that you want to cancel service on a specific phone, these are the options you will see:

There are two choices. The “No” path requires you to acknowledge you are giving up your service and your number. This cancels the account immediately:

There is no way to cancel service and keep your number. If you check the “Yes” box you are advised that the way to keep your number is not to cancel, but to have your new provider transfer your number in.


I imagine amidst the stress of losing your phone, the intent of the second message was not clear. So there is no pending cancellation request to cancel. Your “old phone” is still fully activated. Congratulations on having it returned!


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