Lost phone cannot get into hsbd's #?

please help me do not have have access to my husbands phone he lost THE #■■■■■■■■■■■■■■BUT CAN’T GET INTO HIS ACCT but wAS LISTED ON MY BILL. PLS SOMEONE GUIDE ME AND WE CAN GET THIS CANCELLED FOR ME. ASK ME QUESTIONS I WILL HELP. THANKYOU
I HAve all my billing. Janet

Hello @janetg.abpbkm,

I think what you need to do is have your husband (as the account owner of his phone) open a ticket. He should be able to log into Republic with the email address he used to sign into his lost phone.

Please see if this helps:

To add to what @SuperT has suggested, if the account owner is unable to log into the account, an e-mail to help@republicwireless.com from the e-mail address to which we are sending the monthly invoices is an easy way for the account owner to ask for help recovering the account or canceling the service line.

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