Lost phone in my house

I lost my phone in my house this morning with location and ringer off. Is there any way to make it ring so I can find it. It has a full battery.

Check out How to Find, Lock, or Erase a Lost Android Phone – Republic Help

Thank you for the information I did go to this help site but I do not have location or find my device turned on.

  • Be turned on - YES
  • Be signed in to a Google Account - YES
  • Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi - YES
  • Be visible on Google Play - Have no idea
  • Have Location turned on - NO
  • Have Find My Device turned on - NO

Hi @christinef.tknk1c,

I’m afraid without Find My Device enabled and your phone’s ringer silenced there’s no way to make it ring.

I was afraid of that :frowning: I had hoped that Republic could make it ring. Thanks for your help.

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Have you actually tried the find my device feature? I believe that it is no longer necessary to do anything to enable it. Simply try this link and see if it works: https://myaccount.google.com/intro/find-your-phone?hl=en-US

I did try, but it did not work because I did not have location on. My husband found my phone late last night. He decided to get out of bed and call it while the house was dark remembering it would light up when ringing. He found under a stack of canvases I had been organizing that morning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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