Lost phone numbers

I inadvertently “updated” my phone and as a result I lost many of my contacts. My text messages and photos remained intact.

Is there any way to retrieve the lost phone numbers?

If you use Google to manage your contacts then check over here to see if you contacts are backed up over there


If they exist over there…then it would be simple matter of re-syncing your phone so that it has all your contacts on the phone.

If not, then any additional info you can provide will be helpful in assisting you better

a) What phone and plan do you have?

b) What update did you perform on a phone…system update such as a security update or OS update such as Marshmallow to Nougat?..or app updates from Play Store?

c) What app do you use to manage your contacts?


I tried to restore contacts with google. But, it only goes back 1 month. I might have lost the contacts 6 weeks ago.

Moto G 8GB first generation, 3GB data plan.

I’m not sure what update it was. I was using phone as alarm clock. My alarm went off. I was half asleep. I think it asked me if I wanted an update and without thinking I clicked on Yes.

I use that contacts app that came installed on the phone.

Any other ideas what to do? I thought it was weird that the contacts disappeared, but other data such as photos/videos remained.

I bought a new car on 3/31 and transferred phone book to bluetooth on car. It was then that I realized there were way fewer contacts than previously.

Thank you.

I’ve been trying to research alternative means… but so far have drawn a blank.

Only thing I can think of …is if you happen to have an older phone lying around that you didn’t delete out the contacts.

OR check your computer/laptop Outlook or similar account if you had saved your contacts over there back in time

some time.

It is definitely unusual for the phone to lose the contacts with an unrelated app update. Perhaps a secondary app has imported all the contacts over…but does not link them back to main Contacts app on the phone.

In the Contacts App under (three vertical dots )Settings -> Contacts to Display set this to all contacts

and see if the other contacts show up in case they are in one of your other accounts on the phone.

Could it be that your contacts are on another email provider like Yahoo or Hotmail? If so you may want to use their app on the phone.

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