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I lost my moto 4 g this past weekend either on an airplane or in one of the airports. I put in a lost ticket for it but don’t expect to find it. It was turned off so I can’t locate it. If I don’t hear back from Delta by the end of the week I will need to buy a new phone. What do I need to do for this and can I keep my phone # one I cancel that phone?

1st do not cancel the phone if you want to keep the number

order a new phone and during the activation of the Phone/SIM you will be giving the option of replacing the line and this will deactivate the old phone/SIM and the new one will take over that number and plan

Activate My Phone

And don’t forget to check with your Credit Card holder that you used to purchase the phone … some provide protection and you may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy … worth a check

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