Lost photos from Moto X Pure

I was trying to transfer photos from my Moto X Pure to my pc. I went into the photo bin, selected all, and transferred to my email address. All the photos disappeared from the phone but I don’t know where they went. They never went to my e-mail and never went to my computer. Where are they??

Hi @sandrah.qbvosy

Are you syncing your phone to a Google/Gmail account? If you are, do you see your photos from your computer by logging into that Google account and going to the following link?


Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is a gmail account but I am not sure how to log into the account on my PC. Can you explain to me how to do that and I will give it a go.

Please click on the following link using a computer with a browser such as Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer

If the browser is already logged into a Google account you should see pictures that have been stored in the cloud for that account. If the browser is not currently logged into a Google account, you will see a screen that invites you to Go To Google Photos. When you click the that you will get a Google login screen. On that screen you fill in the same Gmail address and password that you use on your phone.

OK, I did that and did get some old photos, but not the ones that disappeared from my phone.

After playing with the phone a little, I did find the lost pictures in the Google Photos App, but I cannot seem to get them to show up on the PC. Can you tell me how to sync the photos on the phone to the Google account that is accessible with the PC? The phone said it had synced but the pictures still don’t show up on the account on the PC. Baffling to me. Thanks a million for your help!

That generally means that you’re looking at two different google accounts. If you look at Settings – About Phone – Accounts – Google (on some phone it just may go directly to Google without the Accounts step) and look at what Google account shows there, that’s what you’d need to be logging in to on the computer.


Bless you!!! You are absolutely right, I seem to have 2 Google Accounts, one for an old email and one for the current email. All the photos I feared I had lost are now found and accessible from my PC. Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!


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