Lost Samsung J3

I bought data from my computer just to help find th phone. It offers start ringing and that it will continue to ring for 5 minutes but I click RING but it seems to do nothing. It shows th last place I used it. I’m in that room so apparently I didn’t use it at work later. But if someone picked it up and opened it it would show THAT location, right? I’ve tried ask a member but that doesn’t do anything. The box goes darker green but no response. Hurricane coming, not a good time to be without

Hi @marcj.vdkhwj

The interface on the computer will change to:
when the phone is ringing, to show you the 5-minute timer. Is it doing that?

If not, the phone may be powered off, or may not have a data connection. When I turn my phone off, and click the “Ring” button I see, “Trying to contact the phone”. Has the phone been lost long enough that that battery might have died?

If it had power and a data connection, and the “someone” didn’t disable location.

I’d like to know more about this, but not now, you have more important things to deal with.

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