Lost SIM card and customer service nonsense!

I ordered a SIM card for a new phone last week and the tracking shows it was lost by the USPS 3 days ago, hundreds of miles from me. It was due yesterday, then today and it is not coming, because it was lost 3 days ago.

I am getting the most inane responses from customer service telling me that it is not lost and the USPS is going to bring it to me by 10pm tonight? Where are these representatives based where they’re getting mail delivery twice a day, up to 10pm at night?

Now, after hours of this mess, no matter what, it’ll be tomorrow before an order will be put in… if I can even squeeze it out of them then. If I’m lucky that’ll ship Monday or Tuesday, and that’ll put me at TWO WEEKS waiting for a replacement SIM card.

A SIM card cost 50 cents to make a couple of dollars to ship and I was charged $10, but they’ve still got to hassle me over sending a replacement?

Hi @loganr.e3feak,

I’m sorry to hear of your experience. Do you have and, if so, would you be willing to share your support ticket number? No confidential information would be divulged. I’d simply like to use the ticket number as a point of reference to pass to staff and ask they take another look at this for you.

Thanks Rolandh. I appreciate that, but since they already messed this up so badly, I can’t even see a solution now that gets me a card this week; with tomorrow being Friday, the slowness that they processed the original order and with the weekend coming.

But with the ridiculous responses I’ve already gotten, I’m not sure I can expect they’ll even request a replacement tomorrow without help.

It is **Request #1055099 **

Hi @loganr.e3feak,

I’ve asked staff to take another look at this. I won’t pretend there’s any guarantee of a SIM being put in your hand prior to week end, however, let’s see what might be done.

rolandh, the fact that you cared and acknowledged that it was lost and not going to be delivered by 10pm tonight on my second mail delivery for the day – was miles ahead at least. Thank you for that.

Hi @loganr.e3feak,

I’m advised some very capable folks have eyes on this. Please keep an eye out here when signed into your Republic account: Republic Help.

Yes, it seems like there is an order in for an “overnighted” SIM. I haven’t received notification that it has shipped yet, so I would expect it’ll ship tomorrow (Friday), which would mean Monday delivery.

But at least I know it should be coming.

And maybe it’ll help some other people in the future in educating the reps about how to handle situations like this instead of making it so much worse.

Thank you for your help rolandh!

Hi @loganr.e3feak,

You’re most welcome! I’m happy to hear that a solution is in the works. I don’t know how late Republic can get a shipment out, so I’d say your Monday delivery estimate is reasonable.

No company including Republic is perfect. My experience has been, Republic tries very hard to make it right when things go wrong. If I’ve played a small role in that, I’m happy to do so.

The UPS tracking didn’t scan for the first time until 2:54am so I was getting worked up again when I thought it hadn’t actually been sent.

And of course I would have liked this to have been sent on Thursday.

However, thanks to rolandh’s help, I’m satisfied that RW has one coming for Monday.

I would expect it’ll ship tomorrow (Friday), which would mean Monday delivery.

But at least I know it should be coming.

If it doesn’t arrive by Monday please start whinging. Until then please try to relax and enjoy your weekend. Tracking info has been known to be totally unreliable at times. Understand your frustration and been there myself too many times to count. Please let us know how it turns out. Thanks.

Good advice williamo! I edited my initial response when the UPS tracking (finally) updated.

@loganr.e3feak ,

Sounds like the system worked and you’re now a happy camper.

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