Lost Some Voicemails With New Phone Transfer To Pixel 3A


My wife and I both have Moto E4 plus phones. It was time for new ones so I ordered the Pixel 3A. During the transfer over to the new phone not all of my voicemails made it. I realize that this may not be all that important, but I had a few from my Mom on the phone that are important, especially since we lost her in 2017.
Are there any suggestions on what could possibly be done?

I went back to the older Moto phone and they are nowhere to be found.

I would really appreciate any ideas on this.

Thank you!


Hi Dan,

I too lost VMs when updating to a X4 a couple of months ago, all my important saved VMs were gone. I read another topic recently concerning VM issues and I believe @southpaw mentioned RW had done some type of server change that may have affected saved VMs.



Thank you for sharing your experience I do appreciate it. It would mean a lot to be able to recover them, but realize that it may not be possible. I was hoping that they might have still been accessible on the old Moto phone. Fingers crossed. Thanks again.


Hi @drcottle,

I’m going to open a ticket on your behalf so we can see if our engineers can help with this matter.


Thank you for looking into this for me. Hoping for the best but will understand if it can’t be done. Blessings!

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Hi @drcottle,

I did open your ticket, and have sent it to our engineers. I have been asked whether you’ve tried dialing into voicemail and listening to all the messages by long-pressing (press and hold) one on the dialer?
There’s a chance they may still be available to you that way, even if they aren’t loading into the phone’s visual voicemail.


I don’t know if your incredible engineers did something, or else it needed more time for all of the voicemails to import. It was around 4 hours or so in this case, but I just checked my voicemails and found the missing ones,.

I can’t thank you all enough for looking into this or not, but had it not been for a few from my Mom it wouldn’t have mattered. Just being able to hear her voice again means so much to me. We’ve been with Republic for several years now and I wanted to say thank you for helping us save money and offering a quality service that helps a lot of people.

Blessings and appreciation to each and every one of you.



Hi @drcottle,

Did you know you could save those voicemail audio files to cloud storage for future safekeeping? You might find this to be of interest:


No I didn’t I’ll be sure to check that out.

Thank you again!!


Thanks for letting us know you’ve been able to access the voicemail. I hope you’ll be able to save them with the info @rolandh provided! I’ll go ahead and close out your support ticket to let our engineers know you have the voicemails now.


Hi @drcottle,

Our engineers followed up to say that your discovery of the missing voicemails was a matter of perfect timing - you checked just after they had recovered the missing messages, but before they had a chance to follow up with me to let me know!

@PlaneTherapist, I don’t see a ticket from you about lost voicemails around the time you activated your X4. May I open a ticket on your behalf to see if our engineers can also restore your important saved voicemail?

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Hi @southpaw,

You certainly may open a ticket for me and it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Ok, @PlaneTherapist, I have a couple of back-to-back meetings, but will try to have the ticket open and escalated before lunch.

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Thanks again.

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Hi @southpaw,

VMs were successfully recovered. A millions thanks for the time/help from you and the engineers.



Hmmm. I just attempted to save my voicemail audio files as per these instructions only to find out that I, too, am missing several voicemails that I had saved. Hey Republic, could you look into this for me. I would love to have these voicemails back.


Hi @cowboyish1,

I will open a ticket on your behalf later today, as i am away from a computer right now. I will let you know when I’ve done so. The engineers who may be able to recover saved voicemail work normal business hours so this is not something that will have their attention before Monday.


Thank you very much! I hope your engineers are successful.


Hi @cowboyish1,

I’ve opened your ticket and have sent it to the engineering team. I’ll follow up in the ticket once I have a reply from them. You can access the ticket by logging into https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/1665131, but it does not require your attention at this time.


I realize that it is a little late in the conversation but by using Google Voice (a free service from Google) you can get your voice mails stored in the cloud. Additionally you can set it up so that you can have the contents of the voice mail emailed and texted to your phone. I find this so much easier than listening to them. It doesn’t always transcribe them correctly but you can always just listed through the Google Voice app if you want to hear it. Did I mention that it is so much faster than using traditional voice mail? Good luck with retrieving your voice mails!

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