Lost voicemail while in Death Valley roaming area


I got a voicemail (VM) while in Death Valley (DEVA). It came in while the phone was roaming. I could not retrieve it while in DEVA. Later, while in a regular cell reception area, I did not see the message in VM on the phone. And it hasn’t shown up in my VM messages . How do I retrieve this lost message? Thanks for any help.


Long press on “1” in the dialer to get to VM. You will be prompted for a password. If you haven’t entered a password of your own the default password is 1234.


Nope - no go. This is a message that (as stated) did not show up there. Any other ideas?


Sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought it had disappeared from the dialer’s call log. If it isn’t in the log and it isn’t retrievable from the VM system I think it is lost forever.