Lots of issues going on with Pixel 5a

I have a Pixel 5G, just got it in Oct. 2020. I just recently communicated with an expert member re phone suddenly using a lot of data. He solved the fact that Google Mail was using a lot of data. Now, it’s showing Google is using quite a bit of data. I have consciously not used the internet away from WiFi. I can’t remember why, but he suggested I install updates.Then I lostVM. I was advised to uninstall updates. Got VM back. I did all that at home, supposedly on WiFi…my data use shows38.97 on “Removed application(s)…how did that happen?!!

Since I bought this Pixel 5a, I’ve lost my mic, that was a doozy to get back! I’ve lost very important contacts, I don’t really know all the contacts that were deleted, I’m finding out as I need them.

I’ve lost VM again, I tried to follow instructions (press 1) but that went nowhere, I have a VM (maybe from a lost contact) in there somewhere. My “other” phone # was showing up when I called someone, they did not always answer…I did get this resolved.

I don’t feel that on a phone this new, I should be experiencing all these problems.

I know this is a lot of different areas. I am frustrated. I neither have the time, patience or training/knowledge to constantly combat the maintenance this new phone requires.

You may or may not be able to address/resolve all or all of these, it at least I got to rant.
Summary: Too much data being used.
Lost contacts
Thank You

Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

Sorry to see that new phone has been a lot of trouble. We have experienced an unusual number of bugs recently caused by updates to various Google products. The timing of those bugs with trying to settle into a new phone would be quite tiresome, I imagine.

Let’s see if we can knock at a few of the issues you mentioned.

Can you tell me more about what “that went nowhere” looked like? When you pressed and held the number 1 on the phone dialer, what happened? Did the phone call voicemail? Were you able to enter your PIN? Was there any voicemail to be listened to?

Do you still have the old phone? We might find some clues if we could explore where those contacts were saved on the old phone. Did you have more than one Google account on the old phone? Did you have other accounts that save contact info, like Facebook or Yahoo or Outlook?

This does not indicate that you spent your data on the process of removing applications. It means that applications used data and those applications are no longer on the phone. They are either apps that didn’t move from the old phone to the new phone, or they are apps that you’ve since removed.

VM. When I pressed and held 1, asked for PW + # sign. When I did that, it showed “call ended.” It was showing I have a VM.

CONTACTS. Most of the contacts I have discovered missing are new since Jan. I will check my old phone, but I think I cleared it. Their emails were gone too! I forgot about that. I have since saved what I can to other devices. Some are on iPad, PC, but not all. Lesson learned.

REMOVED APPLICATIONS. I can’t remember removing apps…well, I was instructed to uninstall Yahoo email and reinstall it. I don’t have a lot of apps on my phone.

I don’t understand how removing apps use data, if I remove them when I’m on WiFi.

When I 1st received phone, I loved it. I almost had my husband (also a RW customer) to upgrade to one. Ummmm…Google just lost a sale. Lol

Thank you

Thanks for the extra details, @jeanb.01d11j.

The touchtones used to enter your PIN do not transmit well over WiFi, and this can cause the voicemail server to think someone has entered the wrong PIN and hang up on them.
We’ve found that if you mute the phone before entering the PIN, or if you make the voicemail call on cell, the touchtones are more likely to successfully transmit. Some people have found that if you enter the PIN slowly, allowing a full second between numbers that it works, but I’ve not had as much luck with that method myself. (Maybe I’m not patient enough to wait a full second between each number I press!)

And you activated the new phone in October? So these are contacts you saved after you got the new phone and they wouldn’t be on the old phone?
Do you have more than one Google account on the new phone?

I’m wondering if the missing contacts were saved to your yahoo account and haven’t synced to the phone. If you log into yahoo e-mail from a computer do you see the missing contacts?

It doesn’t. That’s what I was trying to explain. “Removed apps” doesn’t mean that you used up data BY REMOVING apps. It would not matter if you are on WiFi or cell or in airplane mode or on the moon. Removing an app from your phone does not use data. That “Removed apps” amount you’re seeing represents some amount of data that was consumed by apps the phone can no longer name because they are no longer on the phone. It’s saying, “You used this much data on some app that was later removed.”

We have a lot of very happy Pixel users in Community. I think we can get you to a point of at least liking it, with a little help from some other Pixel users.


VM. Feel foolish. It just occurred to me to try restarting phone…1st rule, right? VM is back!! I can now renew my automobile’s expiring warranty…:joy::rofl:

LOST CONTACTS. I don’t understand what you mean by more than one Google acct. do you mean more than one Google email? No.

YAHOO. I looked on my PC, I do have contacts on there that are not in my phone, but not all of them have phone numbers attached. It does have some that I lost!! I think I’m good on phone numbers…I’ve been asking for ID & explain when I receive a text.

REMOVED APPS. Light bulb! :bulb:. Got it.

One more question, is there some way to see more details on apps that are using the most data…ie, when…date, time?

I’m not tech savvy at all, I’m more tech minimal. I try to figure out the bumps on my own, usually YouTube, just sometimes need more.

I was very happy to see that you were the one that responded. Everyone that helps is good, but You seem to understand what I need and how to explain it to me.

I very much appreciate your patience. I hope to like my Pixel again…lol.

Stay safe and enjoy your day, supposed to be beautiful here in East Tennessee.

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