Loud noise emitting from phone - intermittent


A loud noise - like a smoke alarm detector - very loud - comes from the phone every few minutes. Checked settings and found no reason for alarm. My solution has been to turn dorn speaker. What is cause and permanent solution?


Are you seeing any notifications when this happens?

Try clearing out your notifications and see if a new one coincides with the sound. If so you might be able to go into an app that might be sending this sound as a notification alert.

Or you also might want to try clearing out the System Cache, and/or rebooting.


Please tell me how to get to the System Cache. And if by rebooting you mean Powering Off and Restart, I understand. If its something else, please explain. Thanks, Geoff


Instructions vary by phone

See this document


Another thing to check would be Emergency Alerts…these instructions also vary by phone.

On a Moto X Pure on the 3.0 plan
You can access the Emergency Alerts by going to
Settings -> More -> Emergency Broadcasts


Please come back to the discussion and let us know how this gets resolved!


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