Loud static noise on moto g 4th generation

I have this loud static noise whenever I use my phone. Waking it up, getting a text or messenger. Can’t talk on the phone because of the noise. Have to keep the phone on vibrate. Started Saturday evening. Have a ticket open. Not sure if I’m happy with this phone. Just got it last November.

I have cleared the cache, did a recovery, changed the ringtone. The ringtone is the only change I have made on this phone for a long time. Have not added any new apps. The phone is not damaged.

Sounds like a faulty/damaged speaker…please submit a help ticket


The is always the possibility that a previously installed app was updated?

Same thing in safe mode. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have a ticket open.

Have you received any response on your ticket? When was it opened. You can also reference this discussion in your ticket…so that they are aware of all the steps you have already taken…so that they don’t make you repeat them again. If it gets routed to community experts, please ask them to escalate it back to internal RW help. This issue will require internal RW help to resolve.

If your phone has an earphone jack, you can try cleaning it. Lint can get between the contacts, creating static.


I cleaned it the headphones. I even tried the headphones but the noise is still there.

@annettep.a1t6mk please let us know how this is resolved. Here is another avenue:

Service & Repair - Moto G 4th Generation

Your warranty is with Motorola

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