Lovin' This Battery Life

Lot’s of texting and email, but only a few daily phone calls, and on WiFi at least 70% of the time. But, this is why I bought the the Z Play. Lovin’ it.


Wow, that’s pretty impressive!. :exploding_head:

It might be defective, I’ve been told by RW not to expect more than a day’s use of a battery’s charge even if phone isn’t touched.

My Z Play usually goes at least a week between charges. I charged it 6 days ago and still have 36% power. It does get turned off overnight.

If going for 3+ days on a 97% charge and still having 29% in the tank is a defect, then Motorola should build more phones with this defect and call it a feature.

Whatever they were talking, I’m sure it wasn’t the Moto Z Play.

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Suggesting a defect was in jest and not fond of the use of emojis.

They didn’t know what they were talking about hence my small jab.

That’s great! I don’t turn mine off every night. I just put it in airplane mode to disable cell and WiFi. That way, I can just wave my hand over the screen in the morning or during the night and it will briefly show me the time.

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