Low Light Photos: A Moto Showdown


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Cell phone cameras are getting better and better, with more advanced hardware and software features available every year. In fact, we have seen an 84% drop in digital camera sales1 since 2010 as more and more people turn to their cell phones for their photography needs. While there is certainly a time and a place for a compact digital camera or DSLR, or even a traditional film camera, there are a number of key benefits to using a smartphone as your primary camera: Convenience – Unless you are a professional photographer, it’s unlikely you bring a compact digital camera or DSLR…


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Great article … but unless the forum users scroll to the very bottom (and can read the small print) they will miss the pictures :frowning:


Thanks @jben! Looking into a fix here…


The Pixel 3 and Night Mode, far as I know, is the champ for low light photos.
Moto cant touch that.


Thanks, Eric. That was really nicely done. I already have the X4, and am very happy with the X4 cameras and their output, and, especially, with what you can do with post-processing, on the camera. I do have to say, however, in your tests, the G6 did a better job of focusing quickly, at distance, in low light. That said, my low light photos do seem to be in focus. I really liked the X4’s motion stabilization in the comparison videos. Bottom line – I don’t think that anyone will be disappointed with either camera.