Low notification volume on Moto G5+

What phone do you have? Moto G5+

What plan are you on? 3.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB data

Issue Description

I have had a Moto G5+ (64GB) for several months with no problem. We just bought a Moto G5+ (32GB) for my wife. All of her notification sounds are low volume. If I put it into safe mode, clear the system cache or do a factory reset, the full volume is restored but soon drops again. She has no apps that I don’t have. Any ideas? We will return it to Costco if we can’t find a solution. No help from the Lenovo forum.

I would venture to say the phone is not faulty. My guess would be inadvertent user error or a rogue third-party app. The fact that the problem goes away in Safe mode suggests it is an issue with a third-party app. It may be a setting in a third-party app that changes the notification levels when the app is opened, but doesn’t return the levels when the app is closed. In any event, sounds like one of those modern technology issues that makes Morse Code sound like a good idea.

I thought third party as well but my wife has fewer apps than I do and none that I don’t. I will disable apps one at a time and see what happens.

well, I discovered the Device Help app which showed the proximity sensor to be not working in safe or regular mode so I believe it is a hardware issue. Safe mode does turn the volume back up but it drops down again the first time that the proximity sensor would come into play and then won’t go up unless I go back to safe mode.


Wow. That is an interesting discovery. Thank you for coming back to let us know what you discovered.

I probably don’t need to even mention this. But, the proximity lens is pretty tiny. You might want to try cleaning it with a q-tip swap and some alcohol, just in case there is something stuck on it, obscuring accurate proximity readings.

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