Low volume for other person when calling on wifi

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The problem is that on my and my wife’s phones, Moto X4 and Moto G7, and when on a call on wifi from my home, the other person on the call can barely hear our voice. It doesn’t matter whether the call is incoming or outgoing. We can force our calls to cellular and the volume instantly increases to normal. We have an extend home kit for both phones and the volume is normal when we use the house phones. We do not experience the problem when on calls on wifi elsewhere besides our home and we haven’t always had this problem. It seems to have originated when our local phone company recently upgraded our internet service to fiber optic. I contacted the local phone company but was told that the system was working fine for data, which is true, and they didn’t know anything about the voip we were using. They suggested that we contact Republic.

Hi @larryc.n1xt5d,

I’m sorry to see that no one has replied to your topic.

You’ve done a great job of detailing the issue and that it clears up when you move the call to cell. Would you please open a Help Ticket and let our Help Team know what you’re experiencing and what you’ve tried, and ask them to investigate this matter as part of Master Ticket 1931050?

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