Low Volume on Voicemail


I know there is another topic about this issue, but it appears that since not enough people complain about it, that nothing is being done.

My hope is that resurfacing this issue will result in more people providing feedback and opening tickets.

From the other topic, it sounds like the voicemail volume, is too low on some phones, but perhaps not others, making it difficult to hear those messages upon playback.

FWIW, it is a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S7.


Actually no with the manufacturer but aftermarket speakers help or put the phone on Speakerphone to hear. Honestly we all have this issue across many brands.


I do have the phone on speakerphone, unfortunately.


Sorry, The other alternative is a small speaker that plugs into the headphone port.
Here is a Amazon link to some choices.
mini speakers


Thanks for the suggestion … I will look into it. :slight_smile:


I would also open a Ticket with Republic Help, as it is my understanding that their servers are providing the audio stream for the voicemails. Let them know if the volume is different when listening to your voicemail over WiFi or Cell … or equally low over both, this may help them with problem isolation if it is indeed anything within their control.


I doubt there is a problem with your phone. Both of our Moto phones experience the same issue.

Republic has stated before, they are not going to spend engineering money to fix it unless they get a bunch of complaints.


I had the opposite problem with my Moto X Pure. Had to turn down the Voicemail speaker volume.


I have the same problem – I expect a LOT of people do - they just don’t take the time to complain - they probably figure it’s not fixable (just like the time stamp on the VM being wrong - it’s always Eastern). The volume is a much bigger issue – I can barely hear it and my volume is all the way up !


It’s a huge problem - just not recognized by Republic Wireless. I have a Google free # and not only is the VM plenty loud on it - but it actually transcribes my VM and emails it to me – ALL FOR FREE ! I think given we are paying for a service, Voice Mail is absolutely Essential – having to strain to hear the VM and play it over and over is totally unacceptable – REPUBLIC WIRELESS _ PLEASE FIX THIS – we shouldn’t have to deal with substandard VM


As users we expose all of our phones to different environments that can be replicated in a lab. You would be doing yourself and the community if you reported your problem to Republic. see Low Volume on Voicemail above for the information that would be helpful