Loyal to RW, Tempted by Mint Mobile

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Would love if you’d point that out because I’ve combed every inch of the site and see nothing resembling what you’re claiming. The only thing close is the warning on the Moto Sylus and Power regarding a very specific mic issue on wifi. This issue has both a short-term solution and a long-term solution coming. If Republic is somehow telling people there’s a problem with inbound calls, I’m sure they’d love to know that.

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Really??? Because it even comes up on a basic Google search, right to your website. I have my answer - Howard Forums. Thanks to the user who first suggested it. I’m muting this now so I don’t keep getting replies.

Good evening,

I heard an advertisement for Mint Mobile on a podcast today and had to researched the company. I’m conflicted and wanted to know if I’m missing something.

I’ve read through some of the postings in this forum, but it seems Mint Mobiles offers have changed recently. Unlimited talk/text/data for $30/mo. I’ve been a loyal RW customer for almost 5 years, and I have a great level of comfort with RW.

I’ve been thinking of getting an iPhone recently because my three kids have iPads through school and having an iPhone would make communication with them very easy (they’re in Elementary school and too young for a cell phone). Seeing RW cancel their iPhone Beta testing and making it known they will not support Apple products adds to my dilemma.

I see MM is offering 3, 6, and 12 mo payments to reduce monthly rates and know RW is doing the same. How can MM offer unlimited data at such a cheap cost and does Raw have any plans to match this service?

MM’s advertisement sound a lot like what RW is doing to offer affordable monthly service, i.e. no retail stores to reduce operating costs.

I’m not sure what to do and wanted some advice,

Perplexed in Pittsburgh,


It’s a good question. I doubt they can sustainably offer unlimited at this rate. But the management team will keep paying themselves very well until they either run out of capital, or sell the company.


There are several limitations to the “unlimited” plan:

  • Customers using >35GB/mo will experience lower speeds.
  • Videos stream at 480p.
  • Hotspot data limited to 5GB.

Their model is similar to RW and since you have to prepay for 3-12 months, they don’t have as a high of churn rate with consumers trying to leave. Lastly, they are betting on that unlimited consumers will not use all that data.

I have lines on Mint Mobile and RW and I had good experience with both companies.


It exactly. My wife and kids insist they need to be on an unlimited plan. With Covid none of them have used more than 1GB in the last 6 or so months. We would have saved a ton with Republic, but the magic of marketing…

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Try Mint Mobile. 3G of data for only 15 bucks a month if you get the 12 month program. It should be similar to the 50% discount from here. Tello Mobile also has pick or choose the lowest is 8 bucks without data or 10 bucks with 1G I’m planning on moving to Mint Mobile soon to save some costs

Wow I was just about to begin a discussion about Mint Mobile because I just got an email from them with what looks like an awesome deal, and I wanted to ask if it was worth it. But reading many other comments on here has kept me loyal to RW. Thanks to those who posted on here!


I used RW for a few years and was quite content, but once they switched to the Clear Choice Plans, they forced me to look to a different carrier. I first switched to RedPocket and they were pretty good as they use AT&T which seems to work everywhere. The main issue was lack of WiFi calling, which became an issue once I moved to a new home where the service was spotty so this didn’t work for me anymore. This is when I discovered Mint Mobile. They offer about 3-4x’s more data than RW and WiFI calling/text. Yes, you do have to pay upfront to get the best prices, but trust me after you test it out for about 3 months, you will wonder why in the world you were ever on RW in the first place.

RW is good company with a good service, but they’re nothing more than a VoIP provider. RW is simply a paid version of Google Voice. I see a lot of comments about the great forums and support the RW community provides, which is true. However, once you switch to another provider, you will never need to contact Customer Support. The reason RW needs these forums is because their app is a constant challenge to manage. That’s essentially the main reason I decided to move on from RW, the app can be a headache. The constant switching from WiFi to cellular caused me to miss and/or drop a ton of calls in the years I was with RW. The amount of data they provide is simply antiquated. I get 8GB of data and can make WiFi calls with Mint all for $20 per month ($240 a year). RW can’t come anywhere near that.

And yes, I know everyone will mention the WiFi calling can be used anywhere, even overseas, which is absolutely true. I’ve used RW in multiple countries over WiFi with little issue, but with WhatsApp, Meet, Zoom, etc… who cares. There are so many other options of staying in contact with people while traveling, this is a moot point. Lastly, Mint provides international roaming (at a nominal cost) if you really need to make a few calls. Trust me, you will not look back. RW is still good, but their falling behind in terms of value.

Until you wind up in a location where T-Mobile has congestion and the fact that Mint is prioritized as an MVNO and Republic has the same prioritization as postpaid means that Mint is unusable while Republic remains usable. This isn’t theory, it happened to me when testing and continues to happen with me on my Ultra Mobile configured phone.

There are good reasons to use other carriers (as there are to use Republic) but to say that “they’re nothing more than a VoIP provider” is, if I may borrow a phrase from our President elect, pure malarky.

And how often does this actually happen to validate paying more for you service every month? T-Mobile works in practically every major city so unless you’re in the boonies this is a moot point. And RW is considered a VoIP Provider. You can barely use your phone number on RW because some services with SMS don’t even recognize them as a Wireless Carrier and won’t send you messages.

Do I think RW is a good company, of course as I had them for a few years. All I’m saying is people should start to compare their options because based on their situation and location another carrier could possibly work better for them.

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In New York City, every single day. In Washington DC, ever single day. In Dallas, every time I have visited, same in LA, Austin, San Francisco and Boston. Cell networks in major cities are overburdened on pretty much every carrier. Having lower priority makes the experience ■■■■.

This is vastly overstated. First, SMS authentication is going away overall because it isn’t secure. Second, most serious providers offer alternatives to SMS authentication (like an app). Finally, those that refuse to budge are making a policy choice not to have me as a customer and there are pretty much always alternatives. Buh Bye Venmo, hello Cash App.

Sure, and so could a different car, bank, spouse, or pair of shoes. I assume you’re visiting banking sites, dating sites, car shopping sites and shoe stores to tell people to shop around?

I have been a republic wireless customer for not less than six years and I had four lines with them. lost one line to my granddaughter’s iPhone they had to go to another carrier. getting ready to lose another line to my wife because she needs at least one gig of data but I won’t pay more than $15 a month so mint mobile covers that. I have one gig of data for about $20 a month plus taxes and fees and I’m not sure how much longer I can justify that. Staying in town most of the time I don’t have a problem getting data at all anywhere and my coverage is excellent both at home and out driving around. I would just love to be able to use some data without being concerned about being 30 or $40 a month for through republic.

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Tempted by Mint Mobile, I do not get the extra data plan ($5.00) as I only need data occasionally for navigation. Any plans for something that would help users in my situation?


Each of us evaluate a phone service our own way above is an image of a professional corporation reviewing phone services all of them you can look to see where Republic rates, you can look to see where AT&t T-Mobile and others rate, you can sée where Google is, you can look where mint mobile is. Instead of individuals expressing an opinion on their One phone, it is better to look at an overall view and then balance that with your own personal needs. I have been a Republic wireless customer since a year after it started. I had 4 lines with them I am down to two and one of those that I gave away went to mint with my wife. Wi-Fi calling works perfectly texting works perfectly and the 3 gig of data for $5 less a month than one half gig of data was before works perfectly. She’s thrilled and quite frankly I’m paying $25 a month plus tax just under 30 a month total for 1 g of data which I really don’t use but for $15 a month I can get three times the data and equal quality calling. That’s my evaluation what’s yours?

Candidly, any “professional corporation” that ranks Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile #1 is suspect in my opinion. Perhaps, I’m being overly cynical but I’d note CNBC is part of NBC/Universal, in turn, owned by um Comcast.

In any event, what I ask for is value for my dollar at what I define as a fair price for quality service. For me, Republic meets that criteria. Does Republic offer me the least expensive option? Candidly, not necessarily. I’m aware of potentially less expensive market options.

Your screenshots also appear to be comparing coverage rather than overall service or pricing. Coverage is location dependent. Where I’m at T-Mobile network coverage is the best available. Republic’s partnership with T-Mobile provides equivalent coverage to T-Mobile proper, in my area and I’ve tested side-by-side.

Here’s the beauty of Republic’s 3.0 platform. All Republic 3.0 compatible phones are factory unlocked. It’s relatively easy to swap in a competitor’s SIM and try them out. If the grass is indeed greener on the other side, so be it.

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Which makes it even more suspect.

Xfinity and Spectrum use the same network.
Metro, Mint, Ultra, and Republic use the same network.

Somehow though they get different scores. You know what they say, garbage in, garbage out.

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Roland, that is a great level-headed response to my frustration. I almost feel apologetic for being so strong in my frustration but I am trying to drive Republic wireless customers to demand fair treatment when compared to the New kids on the block. I’m didn’t ask for cheapest I didn’t ask for anything other than changed to be market competitive. Data is much more expensive in our case on Republic monthly cost is a bit more expensive maybe 20% on Republic and phone options are very low and Republic period but I’ve been with Republic for eight years and I thought they were super great in the beginning I think they’re okay now but they’re falling further and further behind. Again thanks for your response I appreciate it

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If I may add to Roland’s value point here, what you state might be true if you’re looking only at price. On the other hand, when I look at the value of my Republic account there’s pretty significant value in the Extend Home. Given that the line that I’m using with Republic needs very little data (less than 1GB a month) and the fact that Extend Home costs me nothing, makes the line a great value.

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