Loyal to RW, Tempted by Mint Mobile

I am looking to switch to get more data and pay less. Why wouldn’t I want to do that. It looks like Mint moble and Republic both use T-mobile (Sprint). If I am looking to play less for the same thing, what can Republic Wireless offer?


After the first three months, Mint Mobile requires one to pay for a year in advance to get its best pricing. Republic offers the option to pay annually in advance but does not require one do so.

Mint Mobile offers coverage only on T-Mobile’s GSM network. Republic offers coverage on either T-Mobile’s GSM network or, for as long as it is available on Sprint’s legacy CDMA network. It’s correct that T-Mobile now owns both networks as the result of its acquisition of Sprint, however, at this time, the networks remain separate. Additionally, Republic offers voice roaming (the ability to use talk & text in areas where T-Mobile’s networks lack native coverage. Mint Mobile offers no coverage in areas where T-Mobile’s GSM network lacks native coverage.

I’m afraid Republic doesn’t price match its competitor’s offerings. Currently, Republic offers its’ My Choice plans, which do include an option to prepay annually rather than monthly. The discount for that is 12 months service for the price of 10.

I present this information in the interest of folks making an informed choice. I rarely use more than 1 GB of cell data and am not interested in paying annually, so Mint isn’t particularly attractive to me. I respect others will make a different choice.

I’ll also mention, I’ve tried Mint Mobile (an offer of three months free Mint service was attached to a phone I bought) and found the customer service experience to be poor. Republic has always provided quality customer service when I’ve needed it. I do believe that is worth something.


I finally gave up on Republic and switched services. The spotty coverage and then losing my phone finally pushed me over the top. I got an iPhone and switched to Mint and got four times more data for 5 dollars less a month.


Congratulations on the success of your new decision. iPhones are not available obviously at republic, data availability is there but a bit more expensive, and service is at least as good if not better than what you get it meant but it’s a bit more expensive at republic. Republic is no longer any economy or economic cell phone provider, it is just a decent cell phone provider for most.

I tried Mint Mobile earlier this year and found that the coverage was terrible. It was fine at my house, but it disappeared while driving around the outskirts of my hometown.

I quickly switched back to RW.

Interesting, as MM uses T-Mobile as well.


one should note that Mint does not include Roaming while using T-Mobile while Republic does

also note for many they are still getting the old Sprint coverage (3G CDMA til the end of the year{1/1/2022}, while 4G LTE til June of next year {6/30/2022})


In my opinion it’s most often case of the latter.

Usually, people notice coverage issues when their data stops working. Since there is no roaming data coverage with RW, the data experience should be comparable on RW GSM sim and Mint.


I recently moved to Mint Mobile with my brand-new Pixel 5a. I took advantage of their years plan, and so now I am paying somewhere around $18 a month for four gigs of data, Wi-Fi calling, and of course I was able to get the Pixel 5a. Honestly, a better deal than Republic at this point, and with Republic not able to tell me when they would have been accepting new phones, that was the last straw.


The pricing sounds great but how is the service with MINT? What part of the country are you?. Here in the sunny south east, RW on T mobile works great. Not looking FWD to ATT switch. Also does the MINT mobile app offer any break down of how data is used like RW app used to (probably not cuz that’s a Google limitation, i think). But that simple feature was helpful in keeping track of data usage by app. Android’s tracker is not granular at all, not very helpful. But I’ve been looking at MINT but holding out (hoping) to see what DISH does. But not happy so far with their 10 year deal with ATT. Plus lack of new phone and other brand support, but kinda used to that by now.

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I live in the Northeast/north-central part of the country, specifically in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. Mint runs on T-Mobile as well, and the service has been great. The Mint app keeps track of the data you use, and since I still use mostly Wi-Fi, I have only used about .4 gigs in 20 days. It is a seamless switchover from Wi-Fi to data when it is necessitated. Honestly, I get just as good service from Mint as I did from RW.


I don’t see the Pixel 5a on the Mint Mobile list of compatible phones. Did you have to do anything special?

You can bring any unlocked phone to Mint (provided it has 4G LTE and works on TMobile). However, ymmv as far as WiFi calling as that may just be select phones. Mint doesn’t operate the same as Republic, so phones are not gated like at Republic.

Fwiw, I have been using the app Glasswire to track data usage. It gives a nice breakdown of data usage details.


Thanks. Good to know. Guess I’ll be thinking about it more come end of my 12 months… thanks again.

Thanks. Just downloaded and poked around…it’s phenomenal. Wonder why Republic app got rid of the feature.

True. I saw that WiFi calling/texting is for select phones with MINT which is another reason why I haven’t left RW. But if you get a phone that does it’s all good. I believe they have a checker for that as well. At least they did a few months ago. But it would be interesting to know if phones that don’t have support for WiFi messaging/calling yet can in the Future with MINT… guess you have to talk to them.

At first I had their temporary number, so that I could try out the service, but they told me that if I wanted to try Wi-Fi calling I needed to open an account and attach a number to it. They assured me that the Pixel 5A would work with their service, despite the fact that it wasn’t listed as one of the phones that supported Wi-Fi calling. On that information, I opened an account and attached my number. Then I followed the instructions on their website to start Wi-Fi calling and I have been using it since. I paid for the $15 a month introductory fee, and I have signed up for automatic renewal for a full year as soon as that is up. The full year will also be at $15 a month. That includes 4 gigs of data.


Congrats to you! If your service and support are adequate for you and you save a few hundred bucks per year… you are doing what is right for you!! My wife moved from RW to mint and sees no change in service…

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That is a really valuable testimonial.

4X data, same carrier, for $5 less a month. That’s a distinguishable difference for sure.