Loyal to RW, Tempted by Mint Mobile

I gave Mint a try a couple months ago on a spare phone I had.
Same experience u had, but in the Twin Cites, Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
Data speeds were ok, in the suburbs, but near useless the closer in to the cities, downtown area, or in large shopping malls, like The Mall of America.
Sure, Speedtests, like from the Speedtest.net app, showed good speeds, but I have known for long time that carriers almost always have those servers unblocked or un-throttled so that the speedtests always show fast speeds etc.
My RW phone, also on Tmobile, had full and faster LTE speeds in the same locations with no issue.

Mint also keeps trying to charge my credit card, despite my canceling the line.
The call in support cant help as they show the account closed…I have gotten ZERO responses to emails. I ended up just reporting it as fraud and got a new card number.
The same thing happend when i tried Unreal mobile.

I never set up a CC for billing. I saw the option but it wasn’t a necessary part of account setup except to eventually for those planning to continue after the first SIM card purchase.


It asked me for CC info to pay for the first 3 month low price promotion thing when i first signed up…may have been a different promotion than u tried.

Just seen a Mint Mobile tv ad.
“Just $15 a month”.

No mention that is ONLY if you pay for 1yr.

Does RW have any TV or Radio adds?

The only TV add I am aware of was when they were doing the local communities. They aired an add in the Salt Lake City area. Here’s a link to the add.

I would agree that is misleading. Sort of like Republic claiming No Contracts.

I agree that it is a contract, no matter how you look at it.

It certainly is, a service that has no choice by multi-month service failing to acknowledge that. It makes me so happy that Republic retains its month-to-month service as its primary service.

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Luckily they don’t mislead customers even more by claiming No Contracts.

That would be misleading since unlike Republic they don’t offer a no-contract option. Thanks for catching that.

You’re welcome. I am glad that Mint understands that the type of plans they offer are contracts.

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