Loyal to RW, Tempted by Mint Mobile

Mint uses the same network partner as Republic (T-Mobile) but gets LESS coverage than Republic because they get pre-paid rather than post-paid coverage. So, this is either the placebo effect or perhaps you were on Republic’s other partner before leaving.

Again, Republic offers the same network (but more). In addition, Republic’s support wins awards every single year and is far from “non-existent”.


Yet here you are discussing this in one of the republic support portals with one of the main customer supporters.


Republic wireless: Please read this again.

Also consider supporting Umidigi phones. Great phones under $150 that are T-Mobile compatible. (A7 Pro)

You are falling behind.

I was an original beta tester, but I’ve already switched one of my lines to Mint unlimited ($30/month). So far so good.

I need to know what upcoming pricing improvements are in the works. Otherwise I will be switching another one of our lines off of RW.

I would like to remain loyal to RW, but I have data needs.


it’s a totally different world today. Data is more critical than ever. I mean, at least have plans that simply throttle back data speeds at certain usage levels rather than abruptly end.
Sure, I can just buy more data, but who wants to constantly be nickel and dimed, stressing out over a ‘bad data day’ on the road?

How about a 5 GB plan for $40 that cuts back speed 50% for each additional GB used? I’d give that a try. This would cost me $15 more per month than what I’m currently paying, but it would be worth it to know that I won’t have to stress over data usage. I’ll always have something for GPS or web lookups. Just a thought.


Data Shame much?

Look, from what I’ve read over many years, Republic has repeatedly said that they want to cater to all needs. Not just the low data users.

If Republic is only targeting the low data users, then they will lose a lot of business. I’ve been here since the beginning, but my data needs have grown. If RW holds your viewpoint, and are ok with losing me as a customer, then I will be gone. No hard feelings.

My question to RW: does this user speak on your behalf? Please let me know so I can move my recurring monthly payments to another provider. Thanks in advance.

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This seems to be a bit of a touchy subject for you given the number of responses in this thread. I didn’t “data shame” anyone.

I’m not sure where you’ve read this, but it isn’t true. Republic has always been a “wifi first” company. The Refund Plans were all about the extremely low data users. The new plans are still about low data users. You can’t even get more than 15GB a month from Republic in a month. Even it’s “unlimited” original plans had only 5GB of full speed LTE data. Not a single offering, or marketing message, since they launched has been targeted at anything other than users with modest data needs.


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Hi @shawnp.9flo0x,

I’m afraid I’m not entirely understanding your ultimatum. Are you suggesting that if @louisdi is a spokesperson for Republic Wireless, you’ll be moving to Mint? Louis is one of our Experts, and as such he answers questions for our members based on his expert knowledge of our phones, our service, and our policies. He is not employed by Republic Wireless as an official spokesperson.

If, however, you’re wanting to know specifically whether we intend to drop our prices so that you can make an informed decision about switching to another carrier, we typically don’t pre-announce any coming plans, so I would not be able to tell you if we had a price drop in the works. I will tell you, however, that our focus is on improving value. We feel there is more to our service than price per GB. Recent innovations include our Extend Home feature and a newly announced partnership with Google. If your primary concern is price per GB and other added value features do not interest you, then we may not be the right cellular service provider for you at this time.


" If your primary concern is price per GB and other added value features do not interest you, then we may not be the right cellular service provider for you at this time."

This is certainly worth thinking about, as Republic founded itself and attracted customers by being the very thing (a low price carrier) they’re now distancing themselves from.

In addition, I’d never again trust statements in the link above to “extend home” feature which claims it to be a “free add on to your My Choice plan” without getting a written answer to “how long is going to be free for”.

Value and price are two different things.

It is a part of the My Choice Plan, not a “free” promotion. Is it possible for me to say that Republic will never change the My Choice Plan, nope, but this isn’t a limited time promotion.

Louie: You inject a lot of noise in these discussions. I never claimed price as equivalent to value.

My statement of “free” is a direct copy and paste from the Republic page. If you have an issue with that, please submit a ticket.

Returning to the topic:

Shawn, make sure you don’t make purchase decisions based on what is currently “free” as it is likely bait to get you to jump, not a feature that’s expected to be included long term.

Another thing to be aware of. Republic has a history of eliminating plans , and replacing them with others which are inevitably more expensive but are often justified by these additional services. This seems to happen every year or two.

Plan accordingly …


  1. Republic hasn’t changed plans since July 2016.
  2. For any user that uses more than 0.66GB of data the “new” plan was less expensive than the old plan.

I’ll let everyone else use your assertions there to determine if they should put any credence in anything else you’ve stated.


Well, to nitpick, we did change again in December 2017, when we lowered prices, renaming the plan from Clear Choice to My Choice.


That was when Republic reduced the price of cell data to $5/GB for all data plans. (Thanks!)

I’ll also mention that Republic has not otherwise changed the cost of plans for existing phones. So, if you purchased one of the legacy phones (as long ago as 2012), the cost of your legacy plan is exactly the same now as it was when you first activated the plan (not including changes in taxes/fees, which Republic does not control). If you activate a legacy phone today, you will still pay the same cost for the Refund plan as when it was first introduced all those years ago. (In fact, there are still customers using the Defy XT who remain on the $19 unlimited plan introduced in 2012 during the beta stage.)

The unlocked phones (introduced in July 2016) require a different plan than those created for the legacy models (those older phones have a specially modified operating system that prevents them from being used with other carriers; the unlocked phones instead work through the Republic app).

Here is what Republic had to say about that back in 2016:

“Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans are an entirely new offer and have tons of new features like a wider range of phones, more timely phone launches, faster Android updates, and a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) experience. With these features, we’ve also made changes to price points.”

Whether one agrees that this added value is worth the cost of the Choice plan is up to each individual user. (Clearly most people do, but Republic has always understood that different customers have different needs, and that the service isn’t the best match for every potential user.)


If your primary concern is price per GB and other added value features do not interest you, then we may not be the right cellular service provider for you at this time.

great, thanks. Do you know if it’s possible to get a refund on the money I’ve fronted for the year or do I just need to take the loss?

I’ll be taking my 4 phones and relay off of Republic Wireless service, at your recommendation.

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Hi @shawnp.9flo0x,

If this means that you’ve signed up for the non-refundable Annual Payment, then canceling during that subscription term would result in the loss of the money you’ve paid.

I’m also concerned to see that you’ve read my reply as a recommendation that you leave. I was answering the question as I thought it was being asked, but I’d be glad to know if I’ve misunderstood what you were asking.

My understanding of the conversation so far was that you have already moved one of your lines to Mint’s $30 unlimited plan and wanted to know if we planned to lower our prices, otherwise, you would be moving another line to that service.

Since I can’t make a statement that specifically addresses your request to know of upcoming pricing improvements, I’ve replied explaining that Republic Wireless is focused on providing value beyond the “price per GB” focus. We hope you’ll find things like our Extend Home feature (included in the My Choice plan), spam call blocking options in the app, and our newly-announced partnership with Google’s Orion project to be additional value when you compare us to other services.

I’m not recommending that you leave, only acknowledging that if your primary focus is the price per GB of data, and if you need large amounts of data, we don’t have a pricing package that is geared for that focus.
Instead, we’d be glad to work with you to help make sure you have apps optimized to avoid data use when it’s not needed and find ways to download content on WiFi to use when away from WiFi, and explore the possibility that you may not need an unlimited data plan.


Thank you @shawnp.9flo0x and @syfr for your comments on this thread, we always value the views of our Members!

In general, I do agree with the guidance that you were provided by Southpaw, in that RW’s price plans aren’t always a good fit/ best value for Members who use a higher volume of data. While we do our best to offer competitive prices that save our Members money, we’re honest in admitting that we’re not always the best value at certain levels of data usage…at least if you define value solely based on the price for mobile talk, text, and data usage. That is why we are constantly striving to deliver value in other ways, such as through our award-winning support model, vibrant user community, spam blocking, billing transparency, and new innovations like our new Extend Home product (which we intentionally offer at no additional monthly cost in order to try and deliver more savings to folks, albeit in a different area of their communications budget). Despite that, we understand that for some people, the value they will make their decision on is the price of the service, and we respect that decision.

If you do decide that another service provider would accommodate your needs more so, we would be sad to see you go. And if you ever return to RW, we would be happy to have you!

All the best,


Mint now offers unlimited data for $35 - $30 a month/year and the basic plan gives you 3gb of data $200 vs $180 a year and you get 2+Gb every month. Both carries now use the same provider and offer the same features as WiFi calling and texting, however Mint offers way more phones as well. If Republic doesn’t change soon I cannot see people sticking around for less.

Hi @zaku49 and welcome to the Community!

If price per GB is one’s criteria, there’s no denying Mint offers attractive pricing. I’ll also concede, Mint is able to support phones Republic is unable to though since the launch of its 3.0 platform in 2016 Republic does now support over 70 phones.

On the other hand, Republic offers things Mint does not. Mint offers no roaming of any kind. If one travels to a location where T-Mobile lacks coverage, one’s phone won’t work. Republic does offer domestic voice but no data roaming.

Additionally, unlike Mint, Republic offers more than one coverage option for many of its compatible phones. Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is the now T-Mobile owned Sprint. Though T-Mobile and Sprint have merged the networks remain separate. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one network or the other not both simultaneously.

Republic also offers value added features such as spam call blocking via the Republic app, its Extend Home adapter, (which allows one’s Republic number to be shared with handsets typically used with traditional landline service) and a favorite of mine Republic Anywhere albeit Anywhere is no longer being currently developed.

Price is certainly a component of value, however, it’s not the entire picture. Folks want different things out of their mobile phone service. For me, Republic offers value at a price I find fair.

I’ve experimented with Mint and unfortunately had a poor customer service experience. Finally, I find this Community to be part of Republic’s value proposition. Mint has a forum but it’s nowhere near as robust as Republic’s.


You may be right, but the road to bankruptcy is paved with MVNOs who tried to undercut the competition on price.

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