Loyal to RW, Tempted by Mint Mobile

Aaaaaand that is why I stay here. The peace of mind I get when I’m driving, knowing there is domestic voice roaming, is very valuable to me. Mint can’t give me that. I only buy data once a year or so, which keeps my bill low, too. I know that’s not typical for most users, who just want lots of data, but it works out fine for me.


“If price per GB is one’s criteria, there’s no denying Mint offers attractive pricing. I’ll also concede, Mint is able to support phones Republic is unable to though since the launch of its 3.0 platform in 2016 Republic does now support over 70 phones.”

< it’s 2020 and republic, a 10 year old company still isn’t supporting Apple phones when a company only 4 years old is.

“On the other hand, Republic offers things Mint does not. Mint offers no roaming of any kind. If one travels to a location where T-Mobile lacks coverage, one’s phone won’t work. Republic does offer domestic voice but no data roaming.”

< This is true but VERY limiting and a rare occurrence, it’s extremely rare for most users to step into areas that aren’t supported by T-Mobile, maybe on the West Coast but in the mid and east coasts it’s very rare. It’s very frustrating running out of data rather than temporarily losing your connection.

Though T-Mobile and Sprint have merged the networks remain separate. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one network or the other not both simultaneously.

<For now…

Republic also offers value added features such as spam call blocking via the Republic app
< A useless feature now a standard feature on just about every phone or 3rd party apps.

I’ve experimented with Mint and unfortunately had a poor customer service experience with Mint. Finally, I find this Community to be part of Republic’s value proposition. Mint has a forum but it’s nowhere near as robust as Republic’s.

<I have a friend that has been using them for 2 years and he’s loving it but everyone’s experience is different.

Unless you’re living in the far west coast it’d be very rare in general to start roaming on the sprint network.

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Good point. I was just speaking on my own experience. I neither live on the west coast or am on the Sprint network, and the voice roaming comes into play where I live and do business. That’s why choice is a great thing.

Maybe in northern areas of the east coast, but down here in Georgia T-Mobile is laughable outside of Atlanta.


“I’ve experimented with Mint and unfortunately had a poor customer service experience with Mint. Finally, I find this Community to be part of Republic’s value proposition. Mint has a forum but it’s nowhere near as robust as Republic’s.”

Sev. mo ago, in the early days of the COVID-19 quaranntine, an acquaintance invited me to try his Mint Mobile experience. I signed on, w/o ever leaving Repub. In no time at all, I found MM waayyy below Repub. on the cust serv. scale. I cancelled in about a week, never to look back at MM.


I can’t find current subscriber numbers for Mint, but as of a year and a half ago, it was 38,000,000 and has some big investors like “Deadpool,” so it’s probably not going into BK any time soon. I’d give it a 'free for a week" try if I needed much data, but I use less than 1 MB/month and RW has worked pretty well for 6 yrs for me.

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"Mint’s bulk sales model helps it achieve some of the lowest prices in the industry. And if you can put up with occasionally slowed-down data and having to go to community forums to solve some problems on your own, Mint shouldn’t let you down.

“Conversely, less savvy users, or those in search of more perks, would be better-advised to take a look at Metro by T-Mobile, Republic Wireless or Boost Mobile — prepaid carriers that charge more for the same data, but provide more consistent performance as well as premium features.” https://www.tomsguide.com/us/mint-sim-faq,review-5030.html [9/2020]
But I do miss telephonic customer service! And I’ve been with RW 6 yrs+.

That’s not a subscriber count. That was their estimate of the number of unlocked phones in the US marketplace.


You are absolutely right! :grimacing: Apparently, subscriber information is a closely held proprietary secret. I couldn’t readily find any info for Mint or RW.
Thanks for the correction

tldr - long-time Republic user looking to switch ASAP; wondering if anyone can recommend any other forums where I could find discussions of other carriers/options, like Boost, Metro, etc.

So many problems with Republic over the past year or so. Not being able to get certain SMS texts is annoying, but I have an old flip phone I can use if I have to. Getting to VM is always a chore, but again, I can deal with it. But I have been missing SO MANY actual PHONE CALLS on Republic, it’s time for me to move elsewhere. Last time I checked my VM, I had 37 CALLS that went STRAIGHT to VM – AND I got NO VM notifications for them. I just happened to check my VM account when I realized I didn’t get a call back from one of my clients. That’s completely unacceptable, esp because I give this number to my clients. I’ve been back and forth with tech “support,” and no one can help. They’re always trying to blame my WiFi, but I’ve had the WiFi checked, etc. AND I miss calls even when I’m out of my home and not connected to WiFi. And YES< I’ve also had the phone checked and scanned, and etc. Tired of the buck getting passed to “someone else” – especially because when I Google, I find Republic even KNOWS there are issues for receiving calls on virtually ALL phones (I think the exception was a lone Motorola …) The idea that a phone company KNOWS there’s a problem receiving PHONE calls, but can’t fix it – it’s just not for me. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Mint, but I’m wondering if anyone can recommend any other forums where I could find discussions of other carriers/options, like Boost, Metro, etc. (Not here to debate Republic’s virtues; for me, it’s been a hard fail for the past year. Just looking for direction for comparing the other plans.) tia

HowardForums is where I go to see chatter about mobile telecom providers.

Hi @karenz.w9venn, I’m sorry to learn you’ve had some problems over the last year that no one has been able to sort out for you.

We have a release pending in our app that is designed to address some examples we’ve seen of calls going straight to voicemail.

Calls missed on cell would suggest a coverage problem. I haven’t had time to review your ticket history this morning, but has our team talked to you about switching your SIM card to see if we can improve your cellular coverage?

I would very much like to know where you found any sort of definitive statement that Republic knows of issues receiving calls on all phones except a specific Motorola. This is not something we have identified, and I would like to see who is making such a statement. Is this a statement from a Republic employee?

I understand your original purpose was to get some advice on comparing alternate options. I think Howard Forums is supposed to be a good place for such knowledge. However, if you’d be interested in waiting to see if there is improvement after the app update (which was actually just pushed to our alpha/beta channels as I have been typing) and see if changing your SIM card improves your coverage on cell, I’d like to talk to you about that further, by help ticket.

Yeah, the part about being a known problem – it’s right on your site, not the forum – the actual site. Not to be rude, but I’m not interested in any more troubleshooting. I’ve done all that I was asked to do – TWICE – and no resolution. I’m ready to leave, so please respect that.

Thanks! (Had to wait 21 seconds to post because I just replied to someone else, and for some reason, the forum says I can’t reply to messages too quickly … lololol)

Would love if you’d point that out because I’ve combed every inch of the site and see nothing resembling what you’re claiming. The only thing close is the warning on the Moto Sylus and Power regarding a very specific mic issue on wifi. This issue has both a short-term solution and a long-term solution coming. If Republic is somehow telling people there’s a problem with inbound calls, I’m sure they’d love to know that.

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Really??? Because it even comes up on a basic Google search, right to your website. I have my answer - Howard Forums. Thanks to the user who first suggested it. I’m muting this now so I don’t keep getting replies.

Good evening,

I heard an advertisement for Mint Mobile on a podcast today and had to researched the company. I’m conflicted and wanted to know if I’m missing something.

I’ve read through some of the postings in this forum, but it seems Mint Mobiles offers have changed recently. Unlimited talk/text/data for $30/mo. I’ve been a loyal RW customer for almost 5 years, and I have a great level of comfort with RW.

I’ve been thinking of getting an iPhone recently because my three kids have iPads through school and having an iPhone would make communication with them very easy (they’re in Elementary school and too young for a cell phone). Seeing RW cancel their iPhone Beta testing and making it known they will not support Apple products adds to my dilemma.

I see MM is offering 3, 6, and 12 mo payments to reduce monthly rates and know RW is doing the same. How can MM offer unlimited data at such a cheap cost and does Raw have any plans to match this service?

MM’s advertisement sound a lot like what RW is doing to offer affordable monthly service, i.e. no retail stores to reduce operating costs.

I’m not sure what to do and wanted some advice,

Perplexed in Pittsburgh,


It’s a good question. I doubt they can sustainably offer unlimited at this rate. But the management team will keep paying themselves very well until they either run out of capital, or sell the company.


There are several limitations to the “unlimited” plan:

  • Customers using >35GB/mo will experience lower speeds.
  • Videos stream at 480p.
  • Hotspot data limited to 5GB.

Their model is similar to RW and since you have to prepay for 3-12 months, they don’t have as a high of churn rate with consumers trying to leave. Lastly, they are betting on that unlimited consumers will not use all that data.

I have lines on Mint Mobile and RW and I had good experience with both companies.

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