LTE on a 1.0 plan?



Hi folks I’m currently using a Moto X generation 1 and on the $25 5 gig data plan yet over the last few days my phone has shown LTE instead of 3G as my cell phone speed, I didn’t think I was allowed such speeds with my plan. I’ve rebooted my phone and no change. I even checked my Republic app and says under said plan. So did I miss an update in terms of plan or something? I’m uploading a screen shot in case any one needs to see it.


Hi @briand.dorz03,

There hasn’t been any update or change to our plans.

I suspect that if you put the phone on Wi-Fi and dial *#*#8647#*#* to re-sync the phone with our servers, then update the profile in Settings > System Update > Update Profile, this “issue” would be resolved.


Thanks for the tip but that didn’t fix it.


It’s an interesting problem to have!

Can you describe what the phone did when you dialed the 8647 sequence? I want to be sure that processed correctly.

Uninstalling the RW app updates (from the Google Play Store app), rebooting the phone, and then re-installing the RW would be the next thing I’d try, if I were trying to clean up such confusion.


[quote=“briand.dorz03, post:3, topic:10243, full:true”]
Thanks for the tip but that didn’t fix it.
[/quote]Have noticed any increase in your data speeds?


I got a message about activating my phone. Then clicked activate waited a bit and then got message it was activated and then followed your steps to update my profile which rebooted my phone. I’ll try the Republic app steps now.


Tough to say as don’t do a lot of downloading or streaming when on cell.


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