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I’m trying without success to set up a Luma mesh wifi network. The setup process uses a cell phone to get the network set up. During this process, my phones always connect with the open wifi signal put out by the Luma, but the process tells me to disconnect from that network… (I assume it uses the cell network for the setup, but it doesn’t tell me to turn off wifi.)

So far, I’ve tried the setup with two different phones: Moto X (2) and Galaxy S7 Edge. With both phones, the setup process fails, directing me to call Luma support. After more than an hour on the phone, the Luma support person didn’t have an answer, other than to try a different phone.

My question is whether anyone else has had this issue. If so, how did you resolve it? Is the problem somehow related to Republic’s system?



Hi @palouselautrec,

No experience here with setting up a Luma system, so, hopefully, someone with that experience drops in. That said, in terms of connecting to available WiFi, a Republic phone is just another Android. Nothing about Republic’s blended WiFi/cell calling and text messaging would inherently interfere with connecting to a specific WiFi network.

I presume you’re using Luma’s Android app to set this up correct:

For what it’s worth, Luma’s setup documentation is here:

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Thanks much for your response. Yes, I am using the Android Luma app. And the Luma setup documentation isn’t helpful.



You’re welcome and I’m sorry to hear that. We shall have to hope that another member has actual experience setting up a Luma device.


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