Lyft App on a RW 3.0 Phone?


I thought I read some threads a few months back regarding issues in trying to get the Lyft app to work on a RW 3.0 phone, but I just tried a search and am not seeing anything. Can anybody tell me if they have successfully used the Lyft app on a RW 3.0 phone? I have used the Uber app successfully but would like to give Lyft a try on an upcoming trip. I don’t have Lyft available locally, so can’t test it myself ahead of time.


I think the issue was becoming a Lyft Driver, not using the Lyft App. I use it quite regularly on the phone. Even though you don’t have Lyft locally you can install the app and make sure it is up and running before you travel. That’s what I would do.


Thanks @louisdi. Good to know that there is no issue using the Lyft app as a customer (as opposed to driver).