Making foreign calls



What phone do you have? MOTO G5 PLUS

What plan are you on? 2 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? ALL

Issue Description

Phone was useless on a recent trip to Paris. Wifi was available, but the phone was not operable except for picture taking. Very disappointed & am thinking of switching service providers.


Republic has never offered a International service, though the phone should work to call US and Canadian numbers from any open WiFi (which means that the WiFi provider and/or country your in does not block VOIP )


“When on unrestricted WIFI, you will generally…etc” well “unrestricted WIFI” was available & still my Republic phone was not functioning.


Hi @alana.lltc6q

Unrestricted doesn’t mean simply the ability to sign into the WiFi network in question. Unrestricted means the owner of the WiFi network isn’t doing anything to block calls and/or text messaging on the network.

That said, without more details regarding “the phone was not operable”, we wouldn’t be able to offer further insight. Was this a single WiFi network? Multiple WiFi networks? Were you making calls back home to the U.S. or to local numbers in France? What happened when you tried making a call? Were there specific error messages?


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