Making Gmail account my primary acct. What phone settings to change?

Moving to a diff. neighborhood and my email via Cox will terminate 1/12/19. Cox doesn’t service new area; switching to Spectrum as home Internet provider.

Want to make Gmail acct. my sole email when Spectrum service starts. When I first started w/Republic, I had to sync up a Gmail acct. to my Cox acct. Moving to just my existing Gmail acct. seems easiest/cleanest option.

Need to know what steps to take with phone Settings to delete references to Cox email acct., etc… I’m moderately tech savvy, but please be specific re: steps to take when you reply.

My phone is Moto G Play/Android 7.1.1. I think it’s 4th gen. Many thanks, Rebecca :slight_smile:

P.S. My Contacts and Photos should all be good as is, correct? Or are there any addt’l steps to take re: these categories?

First thing to do would be to make sure that login email for your RW account is your gmail
rather than the Cox email.

To ensure that your photos are contacts are being properly backed up on Google, first check your sync settings under

Settings -> Accounts -> Google -> (select your gmail acct) -> confirm that Contacts and Photos
(and anything else you want synced with Google) is enabled.

To be doubly sure it is always a good idea to directly login to

and confirm that your Contacts and Photos are being backed up over there.

In the Contacts app
Settings -> Contacts to Display -> Select your Gmail account
Browse the list of contacts displayed and make sure all your contacts are listed over there.

Not related specifically to RW…but if you have your Cox email on file with any other online services, you will want to make sure that those get switched over to your gmail account.
All password reset requests usually go to the default email address on file, so if you are not going to have access to your Cox email, it will be important to have that replaced with your gmail wherever necessary.

Let us know if you have additional questions.

Thanks much, Amitl. Since Cox told me they can’t put an outgoing forwarding msg to alert folks that my email has changed, I’ll need to do an email blast to my contacts, correct? I’ll need to look up how to do that, unless you have another suggestion. Much appreciate your input.

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You’re welcome!

In my experience, doing an email blast can sometimes have detrimental effects…for example email sent out to a large number of people sometimes can get flagged as Spam. If you do choose to
go the email blast route be sure to do that through your gmail account…so all responses will come back to an email that is accessible to you.

Usually, people just reply to whatever email you use to send them email from…so as long as you switch over to using your gmail for all outgoing email… I think they will automatically switch over to using your gmail for future communication.

Very good point. Thank you.

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Hi Amitl,
One more question re: terminating as my Internet provider. How do I change the Gmail icon on my phone to automatically pull-up my new email messages? When I click on the Gmail icon, it currently still pulls in msgs. sent to my email address. I know it has something to do with Settings and working with the POP3/IMAP areas, but don’t know the steps.
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Thanks very much! (of course another ambasssador can reply if that’s how the forum works - :slight_smile:

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Hello @rebeccab.vuwvmt
to remove an email account from the Gmail App one would

  1. open Gmail
  2. tap the menu icon :menu:
  3. scroll down to setting :gear: and tap it
  4. tap the 3 dot :dots: icon
  5. go to manage accounts
  6. tap the account you wish to remove (the
  7. Remove the Account

If you have not already added the gmail account to the app you can do this by taping the add account after step 5 above.

So if I remove the account, email msgs will auto pull in from my email address when I tap on the Gmail icon on my phone menu? The email account is synced to (or vice versa). Nothing I have to do with the IMAP or POP(3) setttings? Thank you.

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IMAP or POP setting are really only need when setting up an account, and using the account setup wizard in the Gmail app removes most users from need to know this

Got it. I’ll just remove the acct. and then hope my email msgs will start flowing under the gmail icon on my phone’s “desktop”. I’m just trying to avoid having to type gmail into my Chrome browser each time I want to check email.

Were you able to get your gmail msgs show up in the gmail app?
The act of removing address does not automatically switch it over to gmail… you do need to add the gmail account to the gmail app.


Not sure. How do I do that or check that they’re auto-pulling in? I deleted the address from Manage Accts earlier this a.m.

If you open the gmail app, do you see your gmail messages over there?

If you tap on the three horizontal lines next to “Inbox”…it should slide in a menu from the left.
At the very top under your name, it should show the email address associated with the Inbox.

I don’t see Inbox, but have Primary as first item in white menu list on left. Has other line items like Sent, Social, Trash. At top of menu is my Gmail address. I’m good, right?


On the phone, open the Settings menu, then scroll down and tap “Accounts” and “Google”.
Do you see your gmail address listed there?

Yes, you should be all set.

I have disabled the Primary/Social/etc view…so I just display my Inbox in the main window.

The only other thing I would recommend reviewing is your gmail notifications. Go to
Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> Gmail -> Notifications
and configure these to your liking

Yes I do.

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Got it. Much appreciate all of your input and wisdom!

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