Making International calls with third party like "Call With Us"

Last year Republic said we could now make international calls with a third party, “Call with us”. I just tried to set it up and was told they’re not in that business any more. Has Repbulic set up a relationship or recommends any other third party to use for making international calls. This would be from the U.S. to Brasil. Thanks.

Hello @jerrys.nvlacr

Please see if this Tips & Tricks article helps you:

To be clear, Republic didn’t make any recommendation for a 3rd party to use for International calling. There was a community created article created by @rolandh that made a recommendation. He has since updated that article (which @supert linked above) with updated information.

Republic does not endorse or recommend any specific solution for international calling.

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Hi @jerrys.nvlacr,

Previous versions of the article I wrote did recommend CallWithUs as a third party option for making international calls with a Republic phone. I genuinely wish it were possible for me to continue making that recommendation as I’ve enjoyed doing business with CallWithUs. Regrettably, at least for the time being, CallWithUs has decided to not take on new customers. Therefore, I have indeed updated the article with other options and did so as soon as I became aware of CallWithUs’ decision.

For what it’s worth, Republic itself doesn’t generally endorse any third party services. The Community’s ability to do so is, in my opinion, part of why Community adds immensely to Republic’s value proposition.


Hi. I tried to find your updated third party article, but couldn’t. Can you direct me to it? Thanks, Jerry

Hi @jerrys.nvlacr,

It was linked previously in the thread by others and is also linked here: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone.


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Thanks everyone for the excellent answers. I’ve been using Globotel123 on my fixed phone for those calls to Brasil to people who don’t use whatsapp. I’ll continue that way and also see if this company’s services work on my Republic phone. They’re a lot cheaper than the companies mentioned.

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