Making sure the phone will work on Republic wireless

Hello, I purchased a Motorola G7 power with the code xt1955-5. I don’t see an mpn on the box. i want to make sure it will be compatible on republic wireless. I wa reading sometimes they don’t work even if they have that number. It is factory unlocked…

Is there anything else i should lopok for to make sure it will work on the republic wireless system?

Hi @peterf.hew5o5 - according to information in this Tips & Tricks article the only Moto G7 Power that will work with Republic is the XT1955-5. Please note that the correct version of the phone does NOT come in 64GB.

Other members that might have some comments and specific items to look for too! Hope this helps.

Thank You. It looks like i might have to go through the activation process to check out the serial number

I mean software number

Hi @peterf.hew5o5 - if you have the phone in hand you can follow this How to Confirm a Phone You Have or Will Purchase Is Compatible with Republic Wireless.


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