Making test calls without bothering anyone?


I have a new Moto E4; I’m at the start of the trial period. I travel a lot by car. I’m trying to decide whether calls I make from the road (via my car’s Bluetooth-to-speaker connection) are continually clear to both the person I call and to me. This means more than a short call because I often travel through hilly areas etc… I’d like to talk for a while. But I wouldn’t want to ask my (usually busy) friends to spend a lot of time on mindless chatter while I drive along.

Any suggestions, please? I don’t want to call places like the Natl. Weather Svc. forecast info because I can only hear them; they don’t listen to me. Hmmm. I think Skype has an “echo” service that plays back what it heard from you. If there’s a service like that at a regular phone number (not by using a Skype app), I could call it and listen to myself as long as I want to. :grinning:



The Test Call:


That’s perfect, @rolandh! Thanks! I just tried the test +1 631 791 8378 (a New York number provided by CALLCentric). As I’m sure you know, it has a lot of choices: playing back my voice in various ways, hold music :smile:, etc. I’ll try some of the other services, too, to see if they have different features.


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