Making WiFi calling work with Verizon Fios and the G1100 router


What phone do you have? Ascend 5w
What plan are you on? latest ??
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both

Issue Description

Is it possible to make WiFi calling work with Fios and the G1100 router? Apparently it is not possible to disable SIP ALG with it. I would not be opposed to buying a different router and returning the G1100 since I’m not too happy with the router anyway (and I would really like to hide my WiFi password from them as well).


What happens when you try to make a call? Describe the experience.


The dialer says calling on other phone when I make a call and the apps goes from everything going over WiFi to calls over cell, data over WiFi (not exact words…).

I sometimes get some alarming beeps, though that seems to be behaving better since I cleared cache and re-provisioned my phone (it only happened one time at work since then).


So basically when we try to connect over 5090 UDP to authenticate there call it is failing do the phone is taking the alternate route. What happens to the call if you put the phone in airplane mode and turn back on wifi? You may get aa error on the 5W.


A window pops up that tells me “No cellular network is available. Connect to WiFi to make calls.”

Just to be sure, I then checked to make sure I could reach websites (I could) then tried again and got the same error.

Do you ever call it quits for the day?


Ha! No, I do not. :grin:

The 5W has a bug where their dialer does not work in airplane mode. One test would be to download a free Android Dialer app. This should allow you to test WiFi only calling.

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Call went through with no problem. Sound quality was fantastic. What’s odd is it seemed as if the new dialer passed the call off to the existing dialer (the call screen was the same).


Is it possible to make the stock dialer work properly or is it time to scrap the phone?


Why would you scrap the phone because that stock dialer doesn’t work? Is it really so painful to use a 3rd party dialer? And the answer is no, it is no possible to make the stock dialer work. That would require a ROM update from Huawei which they seem to have no intent of doing.

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Outbound calls may be working on WiFi with a third party dialer but inbound calls are not. I also get a ton of digital noise when using the headphone jack.


The dialer issue has nothing to do with inbound calls. If you’re having problems with inbound calls on wifi there’s something else going on. Most often, with inbound call issues, the WiFi network needs to be looked at. Have you tried on another wifi network to see if the issue exists in more than one place?

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All issues are there again, even after a factory reset and a third party dialer that worked at one point. Issues appear on every WiFi network I’ve tried. It’s as if the phone does not like third party apps taking control over certain functions. My third party dialer now has issues where sometimes it can’t find any contacts and I don’t like how it tries to sell me on a caller ID service whenever a call comes through when I’m already talking to someone. I’m really not too impressed with the phone so I’m thinking about purchasing a Moto X4 or Moto Z2 Play instead. I really hate that I can not format an SD card as internal memory with this phone and it was never given much support by Huawei either (no updates at all). No loss on my part as I got in on the deal where purchasing the phone gave you 6 months of service, but I think I want to move on.

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I replaced my Ascend 5w with a Moto X4. All issues are resolved. I do think the HD calling of the Ascend 5w gave me better call quality than my Moto X4 does, but that was only when the 5w actually worked over WiFi (which was rare). I can see why Republic stopped carrying Huawei phones.

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