Malfunctioning moto x pure


Phone began acting strangely few days ago. Kept sending notifications that I was out of storage space but when I went to delete the few large audio music files I had on there it wouldn’t allow it. Gave me error messages. Two nights ago my alarm went off (as it does every night) but the screen was stuck in power on mode, and was unresponsive to my input. The alarm blared loudly for about 20 minutes until my daughter was able to press the power button in such way that it finally powered off. Then it seemed ok but I kept getting error messages saying systems had dropped, and now today it seems to have gone totally crazy, keeps self powering on and off in a continuing cycle, and I’m unable to work it at all. Even if I hold down power button, it cycles back on after about 10 seconds, this repeats over and over. Does anyone know can I fix this issue myself?


If possible, try to clear the cache partition. This will remove any temporary files that may be causing the problem. It will not delete your files or settings.


I’ve had boot cycling with my Moto Pure too and had to get Motorola involved since I didn’t purchase it from Republic Wireless.

You may want to open a ticket if no improvement after clearing the cache partition.

Here is a link to open a ticket:

I hope everything works out for you!


Yes I followed everyone’s helpful advice thank you. First I cleared the
cache partition and then unfortunately that didn’t help. Phone still kept
cycling between powering up and then down repeatedly. So then I followed
same directions except then I had to factory reset it. Book that sucked
losing my apps but at least my phone is functioning again.


So glad the factory reset did the trick.

The problem may have been caused by one of those apps. If you start to reinstall the apps, I suggest doing them one at a time and waiting to see if anything happens. Check battery consumption, the app that is eating up a lot of power could be the app that caused the phone to go haywire.

One of my favourite apps went weird on me after an update, (it was killing my battery), had to uninstall it and find an alternative app.


Hi @kerrip.eazopg,

I’m glad the factory reset worked!


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