Man, am I a newbie!


SO I have this Moto E4 or is it 4E? Does it support multiple users based on the fingerprint of the person swiping the fingerprint port? So if I swipe it, it powers up configured for me but if my wife swipes it, it configures it for her? A friend said I should just reset it and set it up for my wife. It’s supposed to be her phone, not mine.


I would just factory reset the phone and set it up to her email account to have her own phone separate from you.


Hi @bstrom1953

Congratulations on the new phone! As much as it is important for calling and such, it is also in a way a new toy so try things out!

Reading a bit of help documents from Google and elsewhere on user profiles, newer phones do support different user profiles. However, in this case, I don’t think it will automatically log in based on the fingerprint (more testing needed). You may have to open up the user selector to select the person before using the fingerprint to log in.

As bocephous has mentioned, if the phone is supposed to be for our wife, the best thing may be to start over and set it up just for her.


I will note Republic’s service does not support this Google feature[multiple phone profiles], on the secondary phone profile the Republic app does not work right and calls would be using the underlying carrier number

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