Managing Doze Mode - (phone is on WiFi) calls via cell | calls go to voicemail | calls are missed

Nice job! Great documentation.

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You inspired me to up my game on getting Android 10 to stop slipping into a Coma.

I tired a few variations on Triggers. My main concern is receiving texts on time while on home WiFi. Ended up making additions to Doze:

Disconnected from network and entered my home network
Geofence Entry area around my home

Next I added a new Action:

Enable WiFi

The results over night were amazing. Perfect no, is that because of Android 10 or my internet provider? Don’t know as I was asleep, so we’ll leave it as is.

Need to go out and about away from home, so I decided to remove the Trigger Disconnected from Network. As this might be too aggressive to battery life. If this macro variation performs well while out and at home, I’ll leave the Trigger off.


The longest I went without any network while out was about 1/2 hour which is a big improvement from before and it only happened once.

This is my final solution for my Pixel running Android 10, a combination of Doze and my few additions:

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  • I just completed an update to my published version used to Detect Doze and turn on the screen (to re-enable the WiFi TX-RX (Transmitters - Receivers)
  • Users are requested to delete older versions, and install this, hopefully this will better respect the current Notifications that Republic Wireless have implemented in the RW App

I have been getting the triangle a lot lately at home when my phone is not plugged in (Moto Z3 Play). I do not think I missed any phone calls, but I decided to give “Doze Detect” a try. Thanks for keeping this maintained JBEN and BillG!
This used to never happen on my wife’s phone (Moto X4, Android One version), but it is definitely happening now (don’t know what changed). She is on the CDMA partner, and I am on the GSM partner.
I wish they would work something like this into the R.W. app.

Ben deserves all the credit. I’ve not been bothered by this since connecting the RW hockey puck to my home phone system, :slight_smile:

That rings whether or not my cell phone does.

Do you have to have two pucks if you want to drive you and your wife’s numbers to the home phones?

Yes. I have a two-line phone system but only one puck. I don’t believe the puck works with the legacy phones.

Jben and billg are both far to modest for all the work they have both put in on the Doze issue. In fact, the KISS30 macro we use is based on the approach billg developed.

We also have the Extend Home and love it. Yes the phone rings even when phone is in Doze BUT we still use the KISS30 macro. Why? Because I also use Google Messages on my laptop and text operation is intermittent (app doesn’t connect reliably) with my phone if it goes into Doze. KISS30 stops Doze for us. Just wanted to add this in case anyone else is using Google Messages on a laptop or PC and finds texting is intermittent :grin:

There are a few minor problems with Anywhere but when RW suggested I use Google Messages instead I soon discovered the it only works in conjunction with a phone that is working and awake. I went back to Anywhere which works perfectly from my desktop and notebook PCs. It evebn works if my phone is turned off. Anywhere doesn’t get the proper contact images from Contacts but I can live with that and I don’t think RW is going to fix that issue.

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