Managing Doze Mode - when calls come in on cell, go to voicemail or missed and phone is sleeping


Is the Open Cell Arc, what is normally seen in Airplane Mode with WiFi ‘Enabled’ or has my memory failed me yet again?


This is what I see in Airplane Mode with WiFi turned back on.



That is what I expected to see, however even after a wait of >20 min (with WiFi showing connected in the Android settings, multiple calls in/out showing WiFi, the Status and Notification still show the Open Arc (white in status and Green in the Notification)

  • I wonder if anyone at RW App level could provide me a sanity check?


By the way, if I disconnect from power bring up the lock screen my solid arc turns into a hollow arc in just 5 or 10 minutes. The are turns solid when a call comes in.


Since that version is in a soak test you might want to open a service ticket.


We just added a new Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite to drive our GigE to the UniFi UAP-HD Access Point.
Perhaps @louisdi could verify for me?


Over the last two days I tested my sleeping S7 relentlessly and every test call was successful. This morning I looked at the sleep screen on my unplugged S7 to see the hollow arc. I woke the phone up and after about 20 seconds the hollow arc turned solid. I called it from my land line. Anywhere on my PC rang 6 times but the phone didn’t ring and the call went to voice mail.

Sign. We can be sure of two things:

  1. The call made it to RW because it did ring through to Anywhere on my PC.
  2. Doze was not the cause of this failure.

The update to the Republic app is coming into my phone now.

Phone won't stay connected to my network

I have just deleted my two part Doze Recovery from the MacroDroid Templates and added a new one. Testing on my Moto X Pure failed 1 out of 20 times. The new version captures all Notifications from Republic and if it starts with ‘Something’ it will turn the screen on and set the brightness to 0% then let it timeout based on users display setting. This reduces som potential battery consumption and so far has been rock solid in its recovery … seeing the On WiFi Connecto to [SSID]. At the end of the routine the Brightness is set back to Auto
Yet Another Attempt … see below

I would invite any of you with other than Moto X Pure to download the Template and join me in testing, and please provide any feedback on failures you see (screenshot of the user log would be helpful)


Hey @jben add a download link and I’ll run this on my S7.l


ETA: I have uploaded another attempt to MacroDroid so it is available to anyone as a Template … I will repeat usage info here.

  • Download and Open MacroDroid

  • Select Templates from center left (grey) home screen

  • Tap Latest

  • Search Doze RW (current version is labeled 0.9.1

  • Once located just hit the Plus and then it becomes yours to turn on and run

Changes this iteration:
Changed numbering system
Due to the occasional failure that required the screen to be turned on and let time out, I now turn it on, and then when the 2nd RW Notification (which should be On WiFi) is detected I turn off the display to conserve battery life

Any feedback on success/failures and/or suggested improvements would be greatly appreciated
ETA 8/25/18 I have seen consistent recovery over 100’s of logged events, min time between detect and on WiFi varies 1-2 sec with a rare outlier of 5 sec

Phone won't stay connected to my network

I’ve also seen consistent recovery after several hundred logged events. I’m wondering why there are so many events.


I have been leaving mine idle, so they are coming in on roughly the ~60 min time frame (interrupted occasionally by a notification from an app that comes in before the doze time (I just removed the app for now)


9/8/2018 … I have uploaded another Templete to MacroDroid so it is available to anyone as a Template … I will repeat usage info here.

  • Download and Open MacroDroid
  • Select Templates from center left (grey) home screen
  • Tap Latest
  • Search Doze RW (current version is labeled 0.9.2)
  • Once located just hit the Plus and then it becomes yours to turn on and run
    • Note: If you have a previous version, just download this and delete the old one

Major Change that was required in this iteration:

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Got it! Thanks Ben.


Hey thanks billg, I’ve downloaded and installed this app using your crystal clear/visual instructions… you are a Star! I’ll obviously have to wait to see if I get any more complaints from my friends or notice I’ve missed calls, but this recommendation makes sense to me as I do depend on using WiFi in my home because I live in an area with mediocre cell coverage. Big thanks to you and the always responsive Republic community of users. You Rock!


My rw phone (moto x1) never got doze mode, but I have a Nexus 5x on fi.
There’s a setting for apps that should stay active even during Doze. I think by default the phone app is. Add the RW app, anything else related to receiving calls, and your texting app.
WIth that done (on project fi) I get calls and still get the battery advantage of Doze mode (near zero use overnight if not on the charger). IMO much better than preventing Doze.

  • Doze was not implemented in Android until Marshmallow 6.0, and by design it is disabled when ‘power on’/charging is detected. Doze has changed it’s sleep patterns with the various releases of the OS, but generally kicks in after ~ 60 minutes, but I have seen reports that this can be as short of 9 minutes.
  • On many phones, the ability to turn off ‘battery optimization’ (which Doze is a part of) is not effective in preventing Doze
  • The fact that your Nexus 5X is not bothered is encouraging news … please keep us updated on this


Fi is cell first. Presuming you have adequate cell signal, I don’t think the issue would impact you. My understanding is the folks having issues on Republic generally are having the experience because they lack adequate cell signal and Doze is preventing Republic’s WiFi first implementation from working as intended.


In battery settings, select options (3 dots in upper right), then tap “battery optimization” which will display a list of “not optimized” apps. hit the pulldown menu for “all apps” and you can change any others you wish to not optimize (doze). For project fi, I added the project fi app, phone, and hangouts (used for messages and wifi calls). For rw, I’d guess the RW app, and I think there’s something like RW-telephony? (I don’t have my moto X here and may be different for the new plan).


I’m aware of those settings and folks have tried them and in some cases found them insufficient. It’s why @jben, @billg and others have resorted to MacroDroid, which seems like a cool app generally.