Manual Handoff Moto e4

Still learning about my new Moto e4. How do I complete a manual handover from wifi to cell, or cell to wifi? I live in an area where the cell signal is nearly non existent, and annoyingly, my phone sometimes switches from wifi to cell on it’s own, which is very annoying, often results in a dropped call. The phone has been set to manual handover under settings. How do manually complete the handover?

Put your phone in airplane mode and turn back on the WiFi when at home. Try that for a few days to see if you are still dropping calls. if it is still dropping calls then it is your network and not the handover that is the issue. With bonded-calling, we typically do not do a full handover unless a dropped call is imminent.

To turn on manual handover open the Republic app > Advanced Settings > Allow Manual Handover. When on a call there will be an option in the notification shade during a call.

But keep in mind we fill holes in WiFi with cellular data so if we are handing over completely then it got pretty darned bad.


If the directions from SeanR indicates that it’s your WiFi, you may want to consult WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide to see if you can get it up to par

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