Manually Switch Phone between 3G and LTE Data

I have a Moto G5. I live in an area where the city I live is within LTE data coverage, but it doesn’t take long to travel outside of the LTE data coverage. When I travel outside it switches to 3G roaming. When I travel back into the city I live in with LTE coverage, it stays for a long time in 3G roaming, even when I know I am well within LTE coverage areas. Sometimes I have to shut off my phone, and turn it back on to get it to switch back to LTE.

My question: Is there a way to manually tell my phone to switch between 3G and LTE coverage? So when I travel back into the city, I can open an app/something…and tell it to go to LTE since it seems to struggle to do so currently?

Thanks in advance.

the best way to force the phone to look for new towers is to switch to airplane mode and them turn off airplane mode (this turns off and then on cell radios and forces a fresh connection to the towers

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