Manuscript of texts


How do I get a complete manuscript of texts sent to and from my phone?


Hi @dwightw.f98xzg,

The short answer is you don’t unless the messages in question are still on your phone. Republic doesn’t store the content of your text messages. The best Republic is able to provide is history of the phone numbers that have exchanged calls and/or messages with your phone. That history is available to you when signed into your Republic account here: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless.


For privacy purposes the only people that can pull a history of text messages is our legal department and they can only do that with a valid court order.


So, even though I am the legal owner of the devices and communications, I cannot acquire a copy of the manuscripts of my texts for purposes other than if there is a litigious matter?


your copy was first sent to the phone you may keep and control backups (there are many SMS backup apps out there) for privacy reasons (which may even be law but I’m not a lawyer) only the legal department may pull the Republic copy and they need a valid court order to do so else any one could pull and they would not be private any longer

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