Many incoming calls go direct to voicemail. Google Pixel 4a

Phone: Google Pixel 4a (bought in December 2020)

Plan: MyChoice Talk + Text

Data? Yes. 2 GB.

Calls received are going direct to voicemail. I have others telling me that they are trying to reach me but it doesn’t come through. It does not ring on my end and I don’t get any missed call notifications - only voicemail notifications when one is left.

I’ve been having this problem on and off for a few weeks now. I’m wondering if it’s associated with an Android update. It is almost always or always (not 100% sure) when away from wifi service (driving, out walking, etc.), but I live in a metro area (Pittsburgh) so I don’t typically have cell service issues.

Most frequently it happens with my husband, who is calling from an iPhone on AT&T service. However, it has also happened with other callers including a school, and today my dog’s vet office who tried me several times, so it’s not likely to be another carrier issue.

Occasionally I have the reverse problem where there is no ringback tone to let me know it’s ringing and then it suddenly connects when they are on their second “hello??” This has happened when calling my husband but also my father - they both have iPhones but on different networks. The timing of this problem coincides with the appearance of the first.

We have tried testing it from home when my husband will call both me and my daughter (also RW) when we are all on wifi and have no issues. But I can’t confirm whether this is always the case.

Any ideas? I’ve seen similar issues described but not exactly the same. I definitely need this fixed as it’s very frustrating for those trying to reach me!

Update: I’ve confirmed that this only happens when I’m NOT on WiFi. No issues receiving calls on WiFi. But now I am consistently unable to receive ANY calls when not at home, which is obviously an issue. I also don’t receive a missed call notification - only a voicemail alert afterward. If I am at home on WiFi, but turn my WiFi on the phone to off, my daughter in the same room does not reach me. It goes right to voicemail.

@jenniferm.h8fwxk I’m sorry to see that somehow your question slipped through the cracks. I hope you’re not still having this issue, but if you are can you please open the Republic App on your device, click the little gear at the top and then About and tell us what it says there for “SIM Type”? Also, can you please share the ZIP code where you’re having this issue?

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