Marketplace for Used Republic Phones?


I have a Moto G5 Plus phone, purchased by me direct from Republic, that I would like to sell. It works fine, but I’ve defected to another carrier (Fi) because I travel internationally a lot and need their worldwide coverage.

I’m not seeing a marketplace here for used Republic phones…is there one?

Do I understand correctly that I can truthfully advertise the phone as “unlocked” on eBay?

Thank you.


Hi @swoop!

Yes, you can advertise it as unlocked. You should also check out . It’s a good marketplace with lower fees.


You may also want to review Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


Hi @swoop

The reason you don’t see a marketplace on the Republic site is because there isn’t one. It is a violation of the Term of Service to try to sell or buy used phones on the Republic site.

You are free to sell it anywhere else. @mb2x listed which is a great site to use. You can also use eBay. If you live in or near a good sized metro area, you can also consider craigslist. If you do try craigslist, see if there is a safe exchange zone near you. These are frequently set up at or near police stations and other public areas.

Here is a link to the guide to buying and selling used Republic Wireless phones. While some of it only applies to the older, legacy phones, much of the guidance is applicable to your situation as well.


Thank you all for your replies. I’ve listed the phone on Swappa, which seems to have a lot of good phones for sale (and I hope it has a lot of buyers also :slight_smile:


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