Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network


see WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide

Moto G will not stay connected to the internet
Issues calling over WiFi
VOIP Problem with new router


This I think is your Finest & Nicest work layout yet to date. The use of all the links is perfect for people not familiar with the community and how to find needed Information. This is definitely Medal of Honor work. I am proud, to link community members needing help, to this blog post of yours. This makes helping easier unless people just want an answer instead of reading to find answers themselves.



Thanks for writing this up, @jben. It should be a helpful resource. I noticed that 2 of your hyperlinks seem to have something wrong with them (referencing a post that’s been removed?):

  1. Community Checklist - Phone, Internet and Routers



Thanks for the QA … always appreciated

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Hi jben

Say i have a app that you may find helpful it is called net work signal pro. by kabits software found it on the play store

it Has a huge amout of info that has help me to check router wifi an all that stuff. found my LTE sig is not that great

as my 3 g is the best. So I use my Moto E 1st gen the most havent had any tl at all with my phones



Appreciate all the information provided. Is it possible to add previous information about open ports required?


That info resides in this doc


Nice try, but this document rerouts to where I posted my question about
adding port information.


You might have a caching issue… these two are distinct links on my computer


The second one has a section titled “Open Access - Required Ports & Protocol” which has the info you referenced.

The raw link is


I don’t have a cache issue. I didn’t get 5907 document link in email
only 5908 document link.

Thank you for sending it again.