Maximum phones per account: Service issues?

The Republic FAQs says, “For optimal service, we suggest keeping the number of phones at or less than six phones per account.

Has anyone experienced issues with more than six phones? We’ve had six Republic phones for the past year or two without issue, and I’m about to add another line as my 14-year-old is getting a Republic phone. (Phone arriving today! WOOO HOO!)

This will make seven Republic Wireless phones for our household (1 RW as the ‘house phone’, 2 adults, and 4 teens.) What type of service degradation can result from this many phones on an account? It is easier to manage all the phones on a single account, but I can try to split the account if needed. Thoughts?

Thanks for any help.

How Many Active Lines Can I Have? – Republic Help indicates you can have up to 20. If you could post a link to the FAQ, I will see if it can be updated


There’s nothing to fix. This is the difference between the absolute maximum number of lines that an account can accommodate (20), and the number of lines under which the user portal works best (6). They’re not in conflict with each other.


Thanks! That is great!

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