May change to Fi for new family plan

My wife and I have both been long time Republic users, but I have a child starting middle school and saw this today with Fi.

I would like to stay with republic, but not sure they have anything in works that would allow me to share line with him and monitor usage, etc. Maybe I am missing something. so if anyone has any thoughts, they are appreciated.

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That article is pretty misleading. “Family Link” doesn’t have anything to do with Fi, but is just a plain old Google service that works no matter your service provider. More info here:

As far as I can tell there isn’t anything that Fi does that provides any family controls above and beyond standard Android services that are available on any modern Android phone (7.0 or later).


I use the Family Link app on my daughter’s phone to control apps she can download and other parental control functions.

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Hi @joek.n9cc32!

Regarding the prices, the way the Fi fmaily plan works is that (from how I understand it) you buy a set ammount of data (like 8gb) and your whole family share the 8gb collectively. If you go over a certain data threshold, you get moved over to the unlimited plan. Anyway, Republic is fundamentally cheaper unless you plan on using 5gb + of data per line. With Republic, the data you pay for is not a pool from which all the phones on your account dip into. It’s for that line only so you don’t have to worry about using other people’s data. The Fi family plan only saves money when you start using a bunch of data.

As others have stated, you can use Google’s family link with Republic too.

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