May I have the latest RW stock ROM for Moto X 1st gen?

Yeah I figure this question may not be a popular one, but here is the situation.

I’m the author of this somewhat popular (4667 views so far) post Moto X 1st Gen keeps restarting (even after factory reset). What now? . Long story short, my otherwise reliable Moto X 1st gen started to have some hiccup (should I say “coma”?) every several months during the last year. I managed to find its RW ROM “” from 3rd party so that I was able to bring it back to life each time.

Late last year, my Moto X 1st gen received an OTA upgrade (… ) to bring its version to “222.21.19 …”. My phone worked fine after the upgrade for several months. Coincidentally, it failed to boot again in this weekend. I attempted to use the aforementioned ROM to rescue, but it wasn’t possible this time because the phone does not allow you to downgrade to an earlier version ROM.

So, is it possible that I can get the new ROM from RW? I know this is not an usual request and I understand carriers would normally discourage flashing end user’s phone (in order to avoid unnecessary customer support burden). But hey, at this point this Moto X 1st gen has long passed its warranty period. Just let your customer do it at their own risk. All you need to do is provide a download link.

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I don’t think RW allows posting that, but if you google “moto x stock rom” an XDA link with the md5sum’d stock RW ROM image will be listed.

Hi @rayluo,

I empathize with your situation. The reality is neither Republic or Motorola is going to release a Republic legacy ROM image to anyone. I fully appreciate your willingness to accept disclaimer of support or any other liability that might be involved for either Republic or Motorola in doing so. Sadly, however, you would likely be the exception not the rule.

One might logically think merely providing a download link with appropriate disclaimers would be sufficient to absolve Republic of any potential liability. My guess is legal counsel (for better or worse) would disagree with that assessment.

The above said, Republic’s Ambassadors are not employees, so perhaps one will happen by to comment. Please know I would have no personal objection to what you are asking for.

Hi Macemoneta,

Thanks for trying to help. I followed your suggestion but still could not find the exact ROM I need. All RepublicWireless ROM out there are “”, but what I need is “222.21.19.ghost_row.RepublicWireless.en.US”, a.k.a. “LPA23.12-39-R-19”. The needed keyword is “19”. FWIW, I noticed a post there, composed at just one week before my current post, also asking for exactly the ROM that I’m looking for.

@Macemoneta and those 2 people who voted @Macemoneta’s answer as being helpful, if you happen to find the version 19 ROM, please please let me know (by reply post or by PM). Thanks!

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