May I Use a Galaxy Note 4 with Republic?

I really want to get a new service because mine is really expensive, but I don’t want to get a whole new phone. I like my phone and I love this service.

Hi @audrab.jfrnxs,

I’m afraid not. If it’s not on the list, it’s not compatible.

You can use this link Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone to add your phone to the Wish List

Just to make sure this question is answered for anyone else who searches and finds it, “the list” is here.

the main issue with the Note line is Samsung never released a non carrier version for the US market (US/North American Regional Factory Unlock) which are the only phones Republic has approved so far

it is interesting that on the Note 4 did receive an unlock model for Canada but not the US

Has anyone actually tried activating a phone not on the list? Or is this info based solely on the website saying only certain phones are compatible. I was given a phone not on the list. However, it meets ALL the needed criteria. Plus it is a plain stripped down version of Android. So no software to interfere with RW’s software. I am just wondering if it is worth paying the $5 for the SIM kit to try it…

Hi @athena,

The short answer to your question is I suggest it would not be worth it to buy the SIM. Republic’s app whitelists the phones Republic has qualified for use with its blended WiFi/cell service. If the phone isn’t on the whitelist, it won’t activate via the Republic app.

Also, from the what it’s worth department, even if successful activating a non-qualified phone arguably violates Republic’s Terms of Service. Eventually, Republic will figure it out and may ask that you stop using its service on a non-qualified phone.

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