May Product Recap: What's New and What's in the Works



May was so big we’re officially putting it into the record books as “Monumental May”. Where to start? We launched a beautiful and useful new Republic Wireless App (v2.0) that introduced new granular level app controls for controlling data usage. We smiled at the strong outpouring of emotion we received at having to put to rest our beloved green Republic Wireless arc in favor of a white arc to comply with Google design standards….RIP G-Arc. Next, we opened up and started on-boarding participants into our Maestro Lab. We are loving everyone’s feedback and still have a lot to collect and digest, but early results of the lab are VERY encouraging. We’re seeing previous Talk and Text users jump to a plan that allows them to nibble on data without paying the full price of unlimited, and previous data plan users expecting a sizable data refund. Lastly, we launched a week-long add-a-line campaign, offering $50 off any device for existing members. The response blew our doors off and we closed the campaign having totally sold out of Moto E and Moto X (1st Generation) phones. People REALLY liked that coupon, but we’re working to get a full portfolio back up soon. Maybe even something totally new…?

And there’s more to come. Our teams are busy working towards the In-Progress items we’ve listed below (plus a few more) and we’re excited to launch many of them into our Republic Labs in the coming months.

So there you have it. We’re really proud of what we delivered in May and we’re even more excited to continue working with you all. Stay WiFi, my friends.

New in May:


New Community Stats

Data Saver Functionality

RW Labs: Maestro Onboarding

Email Notifications Prior to Billing

Loyalty Reward Promotion ($50 Off All Devices for Members)

Moto X 2nd Gen System Update

New Republic Wireless App 2.0

In-Progress Items We Hope Will Improve your Experience:

(due to the more complex nature of these items, no official timing is set nor is delivery guaranteed, but they are being worked on regularly):


Device Trade-In Trial Program (limited scope with a third party)


Cell to WiFi Handover (Salsa)
Multi-Device Experience (Bridge)
Next Generation Device (High Hat)
Multiple Cellular Carrier Experience (Tempo)
Email to SMS
Moto X 1st Gen System Update for 4.4.4
Android Lollipop Update for Capable Devices
Emoji Capability (All devices except Motorola DEFY XT)