May switch from Consumer Cellular

I have consumer cellular with tax I’m paying $21.00 a month. I have been researching wi-fi calling I just learned that consumer cellular has wi-fi calling but I have to buy a new phone and will have to upgrade plan witch will cost maybe another 3 to 5 dollars a month thinking real hard about Republic wireless now

Hello @mikem.tio3df!

I’ve been with around 7 carriers in the past 7 years ago. When I was considering switching to Republic Wireless, a friend asked me, “Why don’t you just try it out. You can always switch back later if you want.” I knew he was right. In March, I will have been with Republic Wireless for 3 years.

Do you have any specific questions about Republic Wireless? I know I or other community members would love to answer any questions if you have any.


Thanks I’m older now and don’t need high dollar phone but need a big screen so I can see it

Republic Wireless has a several big screen phones to choose from if you decide to go that route.

If I buy a phone off swappa that says republic wireless phone I just go to republic site to get sim card and transfer my phone number

Hi @mikem.tio3df,

Perhaps this resource compiled by fellow Community members will help you compare various phones that work with Republic: Detailed Supported Phone Features.

It may also help the Community to better help you if we knew what phone you’re currently using with Consumer Cellular.


Thanks for Link, I posted the other day asking about my LGEscape2 Southpa got back to me and said it’s not compatable with republic

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Southpaw is, as usual correct. If you are satisfied with the performance of your LG Escape 2, I think you’ll find the Moto E4 to be a budget friendly choice. Since you mention possibly wanting a bigger screen, the E4+ is worthy of consideration as well.

Thanks for info I’ll check them out My cousin has a Huawei Ascend 5w , I saw one over on Swappa

I have an Ascend in the household. Candidly, I’m not a huge fan. Perhaps, your cousin feels differently?

RW provides service using using either Sprint or T-Mobile networks depending upon phone and it would be a good idea to check those carrier’s coverage maps.

B&H Photo currently has a promotion online offering $25 off price of some Moto phone and includes a RW SIM card with 6 months of free RW service. Brand new last years model G4 Play is only $80, should fit your needs, easier and less expensive than Swappa or eBay.

I helped a neighbor move to a RW phone from Consumer a couple of years ago and they have been very satisfied.

Good luck.


He just got it his kids got it for him turned him onto RW What don’t you like obout it

Consumer Cellular Is what I have now which uses ATT I get ok service at the house (WE LIVE IN BOONIES) but ten miles in either direction and t-moble work I tried t-moble before I dropped ATT for consumer cellular If I’m thinking about this right I can use wi-fi for calling at home right?

I find the performance lagging compared to the Moto E4+, which is also in the household. The Moto E4 is basically the same phone as the E4+ with a smaller screen. What I lack is a frame of reference to compare to your LG. For that I’m relying on published specs and suggesting the phones I think would provide equivalent or better performance.

Yes, you can use WiFi calling at home. Any compatible phone you purchase elsewhere will be initially activated on the T-Mobil GSM network and many phones can be switched to the Sprint CDMA network via a Support ticket if the coverage would be better. Sprint any good in your boonie area?

I wasn’t impressed at all with the Huawei Ascend 5w purchased from RW and was able to swap it for a G4 when I requested a change to Sprint network. Mine also drained the battery much faster than other phones owned.

Hi @mikem.tio3df,

It’s very good to see you researching and getting help from our Community before making your purchasing decision! When you decide on a phone, let us know what phone you ended up with. I’ve just spent the last couple of days organizing a supply of customer-returned, like-new accessories that our inventory and logistics team was kind enough to share, and depending on the phone you select, we may be able to send you a case to go with it.


Had sprint service back when if you were on on Interstate hyway or in chicago or st.louis you had good service I live in illinois across river from Vincennes in. I looked on B&H website didn’t see anything about deals

Probly wait till after 1st of year somebody said something about inventory clearance

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Hi southpaw thanks that’s nice of ya…

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You need to go to their mobile/phone area and refine results to show Moto brand. The promotion is good for purchases through 01-12 or while supplies last. Doubt any year end deals will be better.

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