May switch from Consumer Cellular


Hi @mikem.tio3df

See here: [link redacted in accordance with Community guidelines.]

Link is pulling up different screen than I am linking from…maybe supplies have been exhasted.


I direct message him last night with the link to the B&H PDF on the deal, he replied that he got the Moto G Play


Glad to hear he was able to take advantage of the promotion.

Supplies exhausted? I’ve seen B&H website phone offerings and/or pricing vary on a daily basis. Promotion may be back tomorrow? Regardless it was a great B&H/RW offer while lasting.


Thanks for all support last night about getting a phone


Did you get a phone? Which one?


williamo.vkbg0s turned me onto B&H PHOTO had a sale withRW SIM Package 6 months free heck of a deal thanks for all the help


OH what kind of phone MOTO G PLAY XT1607


Great! I’ll DM you about the cases we have available for that phone, and some details about bringing a number from Consumer Cellular.


sounds good thanks


For the curious…


Sounds like you got a good deal. It would be great if after you have had some time with the new device, you come back and give us your thoughts or Pro’s/Con’s about the “switch”. (Optional, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:).


Hey guys got phone and some Goodies from Southpaw yesterday everything up and running haven’t transferred my Phone# yet but I am really impressed with the Moto G play Phone It even says REPUBLIC on the phone sometimes in the house so far I am impressed I’d like to thank williamo.vkbg0s for the link to B&H PHOTO and rolandh for steering towards the Moto Brand phones