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Hi. The Moto E4 I bought from RW at the amazing price of $130 works great overall, but it gives choppy/garbled calls from home when I’m not on WiFi. That bumped me up to the next-cheapest phone from my previous carrier, Google Project Fi, a Moto X4 for $250. I’ve tested it a lot; it works about the same than my previous Nexus 5X from Project Fi worked. So, two questions, please:

  1. From reading forum posts, it seems like RW supports the Nexus 5X and Moto X4? If that’s so, can I use these unlocked phones on RW instead of Project Fi? (I understand that I wouldn’t have the flexibility of Project Fi to automatically switch between both GSM and CDMA.) I know that none of us can predict the future, but any guesses of whether RW might end support for those phones? (The Fi rep told me that they’ve never cancelled support for an older phone.)

  2. These RW forums are great. I’ve learned a lot. If I cancel RW service, will my forums account be deleted too? (If so, I’ll make copies of the very useful articles I’ve found here – like Anatomy of a Number Transfer.)



Sorry to hear you are having some issues with your service. If it works well on wifi but not on cell, it may be the cellular service where you live and the signal quality there. Maybe…

Anyways, onto your question, with Republic’s plans, there are a good number of phones you can bring.. Among them is indeed are the Nexus 5X and the Moto X4 which means they can be used with Republic Wireless. All you need to do is get a new SIM card which would allow it to work on the GSM network.

Part 2, Republic has been known to keep around their old phones. With the exception of the 1st alpha phone, an LG Optimus I think, the rest of the phones are still supported. They are no longer being sold but if the phones work, they still can work on the plans they were origionally offered on (Republic Beta, v1, v2, v3 etc)

And onto your second question, the Republic Forums is for the general community around Republic. Although it is linked to your Republic account, it is not dependent on your role as a paying customer. You can still stock around and chat with us all you like :wink:



For the most part, the Community is visible to anyone with internet access, so you shouldn’t need to copy the content you want to reference. You can continue to use your Community account, and we hope you will.

Before you cancel, would you consider opening a support ticket and letting our team evaluate whether a different SIM card might improve your experience?


Thanks for all your help these past couple of weeks, @southpaw. Time is short. I got my activation notice on Feb. 1, which means I have four days left – until the 14th, I think. There are two time constraints: I’ve been planning to send the E4 back tomorrow, the 12th. I’m guessing if a new SIM is needed, it’d get here the 13th or 14th; I’ll be out of town on the 14th. That would make time really tight. If there’s anything to be done remotely, I’d be glad to wait through early Tuesday afternoon the 13th if there’s something to be done with the SIM card. I could be available by phone (another device) then if it would help. In a case like this, I’d appreciate if the RW folks who handle returns can give me a couple more days to test any SIM card fixes – and compare an SW SIM to a Fil SIM on the Moto X4 I got from Google (whose trial runs to the 19th or 20th, though I wouldn’t need all of those days from RW ).

@happywillow0, thanks for mentioning that! Calls on Sprint generally sound more garbeldy than on T-Mo (from Project Fi, at least), so I’d be glad to try GSM-only from RW. THE RW GSM SIM is in my E4. So – if I could just pop the E4’s RW SIM card into the Fi X4 and try the X4 in GSM-only mode to see whether it works the same on both RW and Fi?

I have questions about swapping SIMs, please. Each of the three phones “knows” a different gmail address. If I simply just insert the RW SIM card from the E4 into the X4, will the X4 (Google) phone change its email address, sync its contacts, etc. from the RW’s E4? (That’s OK, because I’m going to do a factory reset on the X4 later.) Same question the other direction: Once I take the RW SIM back out of the X4 (before the factory reset) and put the Project Fi SIM into the X4, will the X4 go crazy somehow (since it was just using an RW SIM)? Thanks for any quick advice you could give me!



You can certainly open a ticket and let them know coverage has not been good, ask whether a CDMA SIM might improve the situation, and ask for an extension of your trial period to evaluate the coverage with the new SIM card. Please make it clear that with the current coverage you definitely have to cancel, but you’d like a chance to see whether you could remain with us if CDMA coverage is better.

If you move the RW SIM to the X4, your Google accounts will not be affected. The SIM card provides access to your subscription to cellular service. It doesn’t contain any phone configuration or personal info.


Well @southpaw, I decided to just send back the RW Moto E4 instead of trying a CDMA SIM. One of the issues with the new Fi Moto X4 (vs. the old Fi Nexus 5x) is that it seems to use Sprint more often than T-Mobile. I’ve found that Sprint doesn’t let you use cell data at the same time as you talk!? (So, for instance, you can’t talk as you use, say, Google Maps.) A Fi engineer is working to give my X4 T-Mobile priority. (If not, I can set T-Mobile manually.) That’s the (final) game-changer for me.

I’ll head over to these forums when I can. Lots of interesting stuff here! Thanks.


My understanding is that navigation would continue to work while you’re talking and Maps is offline, unless you stray off the predetermined route.

I’m glad you’ll be around, but it just won’t be the same. :crying_cat_face:

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Sprint is working on that (they brand it Calling PLUS):

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Thanks, @cbwahlstrom. I’ll also keep an eye on the phone while I make a call; if the Moto X4 decides to route it via Sprint, I’ll see if I can (say) check my email.

Right, @southpaw! FYI, for anyone who doesn’t know Google offline maps: You can choose an area of a map to download (typically over WiFi). Then, once you lose data service (as you will, say, after leaving your hotel in Mexico), you can still follow a route and scroll around (as long as you asked for directions before leaving WiFi!). Things that require data – like some kinds of searching (yet, I’ve searched without data sometimes?!) – won’t work offline.

PS: I just got my emailed return label for the Moto E4. It’s been fun!

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